Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Japanese anime television series
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Yu-Gi-Oh GX is a side story/spin-off to the original Yu-Gi-Oh animated series, following Jaden Yuki and his friends through their life in Duel Academy - a school that teaches Duel Monsters dueling. Some members of the original series make minor cameos in the GX series.

Season 1Edit

Episode 1 - The Next King of GamesEdit

Bastion: Hey, wait. If I'm second best, who's first?
Jaden: Yours truly.

Jaden: All right, teach! Get your game on!
Dr. Crowler: Yes, yes, very good... [Under breath] Don't tell me what to do!

Yugi: Here, why don't you take this? Something tells me it belongs with you.

Proctor: Sorry to interrupt, but one last applicant has arrived to take his exam, Mr. Crowler.
Dr. Crowler: Did you just call me "Mister"?
Proctor: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm new here, Misses-
Dr. Crowler: I'm a Ph.D in dueling, I've earned the title Doctor! Thank you!

Episode 2 - Welcome to Duel AcademyEdit

[Jaden and the others are discussing their new dorm arrangements after arriving at the Academy]
Jaden: Hey, you in red too?
Bastion: Well now, let's see here. Yellow sleeves, yellow buttons... I don't think so.
Jaden: Oh, I get it. So that's why Sy and I are in red.
Bastion: Please don't tell me that you just figured that out now.
Jaden: So what? Ever think I'm colorblind?

Episode 3 - A Duel in LoveEdit

[Syrus finds a fake love letter for Jaden claiming to be from Alexis]
Syrus: I even have the note right here! Look, see?
Alexis: Syrus, my name's not even spelled right there.
Mindy: Sorry Syrus, but I think someone is yanking your chain here.
Syrus: So then you don't love me?
Jasmine: Hey, wait a second, this note is made out to Jaden Yuki!
Syrus: What? Jaden? But- [Looks at note] Aww, so I can't even get a fake love letter?

Crowler: Well, well, well, a Slifer vs an Obelisk. Put him in his place, Alexis.
Alexis: Ready?
Jaden: Oh, yeah.
Jaden & Alexis: Duel!
[Duel commences]
Jaden: Get your game on, Alexis!
Syrus: Here we go.
Alexis: Alright, [draws] let's see. Etoile Cyber, rise! [summons Etoile Cyber in attack mode] And I'm also going to place one card face-down.
Jaden: Time to throw down! First... [draws Sparkman] Yes. I'll summon the Elemental Hero Sparkman! [summons Sparkman in attack mode] And now, I'll have him attack your Etoile Cyber with, Static Shockwave!
Alexis: Hold it right there! [reveals her face-down Trap, "Doble Passe"] I activate the trap card, "Doble Passe!" [gets hit by Sparkman's powers]
Jaden: Huh?
Alexis: Doble Passe changes your monster's attack to a direct attack on me. And now, my monster that you were about to attack, gets to wage a direct attack on you!
Jaden: Great.
Alexis: Oh, and when Etoile Cyber attacks someone directly, her attack points increase by 600.

Alexis: I play, Blade Skater! [summons Blade Skater in attack mode] And, I activate the spell card, "Polymerization" to fuse Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater together to summon Cyber Blader! [fuses Etoile Cyber and Blade Skater to form Cyber Blader in attack mode] Now, Cyber Blader attack Sparkman with Whirlwind Rage!

Episode 4 - Making The GradeEdit

All: Guards! Guards! Guards!
Both: Running out of Cards already?!
Jaden: Hey, I always plan on passing, it just doesn't always work out that way.
Crowler: Cards? What Cards? Oh, do you mean these Cards?

Episode 5 - The Shadow Duelist (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: I mean, you could look at it as being lost. Or you could just say we found a couple of places where it's not.

Episode 6 - The Shadow Duelist (Part 2)Edit

Jaden: Oh come on now, red contacts? You really went overboard setting up for this, huh?

Episode 7 - Duel & Unusual PunishmentEdit

Alexis: You know, Chumley, you're pretty good with words of encouragement.
Chumley: Huh? Well I've got all kinds of books on self-motivation. For some reason my dad keeps gettin' 'em for me.

Episode 8 - For The Sake of SyrusEdit

Jaden: Lousy Dr. Crowler! Where does it say that those duel request forms need to be filled out in triplicate? And with a number eight pencil?!

Episode 9 - Family BusinessEdit

[Jaden and Syrus meet Chumley's dad]
Jaden: No way. That's his dad?
Syrus: Looks like a body-builder, huh?
Jaden: Yeah.
Syrus: Though carrying around Chumley as a kid, you'd kinda have to be.

Episode 10 - Tag Team Trial (Part 1)Edit

Chumley: But duh, Jaden, it's not just another duel! It's a tag duel and if you lose it you'll be on the next bus outta here!
Jaden: Hello, Chumley! That's totally why we're not gonna lose! And uh, Chumley? We're on an island. Bus?
Chumley: Whatevs. Ya still oughta give me your meal cards just in case.
Jaden: Thanks for the vote a confidence.
Chumley: Well, someone's gotta eat your grilled cheese if you go!
Syrus: Chumley may have a point. The last time I dueled, it was awful! Just like my big brother always told me I was. If we're gonna win this, I'm just gonna have to do better and not let anything get in my head! Especially Zane. After all, the last time I let him get to me, Jaden really let me have it.

Jaden: Whoa, the acoustics in here are great!
Syrus: Yeah, you think maybe they'd count your echo as your tag partner?
Jaden: (patting Syrus' head) For the last time, you're my partner! Ha ha ha!
Syrus: Doesn't hurt to ask though. (laughs)
Chazz: (angrily watching Jaden and Syrus) You Slifer Slackers! It should be me taking you out! But I guess as long as someone does it!

Episode 11 - Tag Team Trial (Part 2)Edit

Jaden: How can I write ten pages?! I've never even read that much!

Episode 12 - Formula For SuccessEdit

Jaden: All right, all right, maybe it wasn't a foul, Bastion.
Syrus: Jaden, over the center field fence usually isn't.

Episode 13 - Monkey See, Monkey DuelEdit

Mindy: I don't get how that monkey understands him.
Alexis: Maybe all the training he's had has taught Wheeler how to speak human. Or maybe Jaden's really a monkey.

Episode 14 - A Spirit SummonedEdit

Jinzo: I'm collecting on our deal. You lost half your life points, so I'm taking half your life force, and it feels GOOD.

Episode 15 - Courting AlexisEdit

Jaden: Well Alexis, I guess that means I'm your fiancee!
Syrus: He's really going through with it?
Jasmine: Oh my!
Jaden: So... what does 'fiancee' mean anyway?

Episode 16 - The Duel GiantEdit

Crowler: Oh, Jaden m'boy!
Syrus: He's being nice, something's wrong.

Syrus: Uh, listen Jaden, is it too late to say that this is a bad idea?
Jaden: Hmm?
Chumley: Doesn't Crowler really not like you?
Jaden: He sure doesn't. But how could I turn down no homework, a field trip, and a big duel?
Syrus: Uh, by saying no?
Chumley: I mean, do you even know how to say no?
Jaden: Yes.

Crowler: So first you find the duel giant, and then he escapes! First all those cards were lost, now they're found!
Jaden: First I had no homework, and now-

Episode 17 - Nature of The DrawEdit

Syrus: That's crazy talk, Jaden. Everyone knows that roosters don't lay eggs!
Syrus: Picking cards, drawing cards, amazing!
Jaden: Why, thank you!
Chumley: So you think when this thief guy comes, he's gonna have anything on him?
Jaden: For the last time Chumley, he steals egg sandwiches, not grilled cheese! Would you tell him, Alexis?!
Alexis: It's true, Chum.
Jaden: Hey, what's Lexis up to?

Episode 18 - King of The Copycats (Part 1)Edit

[Two workmen are talking about Dr. Crowler]
Workman #1: You know, I didn't know he was a doctor.
Workman #2: I didn't know he was a dude.

Episode 19 - King of The Copycats (Part 2)Edit

Jaden: It's "sweet"! And you're not even close to doing my pose right!

Episode 20 - The Maiden in LoveEdit

Syrus: I want one! How do I get a Maiden Counter?
Chumley: Yeah, me too! I want one too!
Alexis: Uh, guys? Try and remember that it's just a card you're looking at.

Zane: I'm sorry. But it's time for you to go home.
[Blair starts to cry]
Jaden: Wait, why does she have to go home? 'Cause you say so, hello? She's a student here in Duel Academy and a good one!
Zane: Jaden, she has to go home.
Jaden: Huh? Oh, I see whatcha doin' here, Zane. You're pushing her out because she's a good student. (laughs) Cause she might dethrone you!
[Alexis laughs]
Zane: She has to go home, because she's in 2nd grade.
Jaden: Say what?!
Syrus and Chumley: IN 2ND GRADE?!!
Jaden: So, you're saying that I almost got beaten by a girl who's only 8 years old?!
Blair: [sticks out her tongue and points at Jaden] 8 and a half, if it makes you feel any better!

Blair: Good-bye, Jaden! My sweet prince. I love you!
[our hero is in the state of shock]
Jaden: WHAT!?!?! Wait! She's supposed to like Zane!
Alexis: She does like Zane. But apparently, she loves you! [giggles]

Blair: [waves good-bye to Jaden as she sails home] I'll see you soon! Write me every day! I love you, Jaden-sweetie!
Jaden: [groans and waves back] Wish they made cards... to counter this!

Episode 21 - The Duel Off (Part 1)Edit

[The teachers are choosing the representative for the duel-off against North Academy]
Chancellor Sheppard: The only question is who will this first year be?
Zane: Jaden Yuki
Professor Crowler: [Freaks out]
Professor Banner: I agree. Jaden is our best new student [looks down at Pharaoh] Don't you think?
Pharaoh: Meow.
Professor Crowler: Oh well, if the cat says so.

Jaden: Alright guys! Get your eat on! This stuff's so good! [picks up a sardine] The hard part is remembering to chew- [eats the sardine] before you swallow.
Syrus: That explains why we're missing so many forks!!!

Episode 22 - The Duel Off (Part 2)Edit

Crowler: Does this slacker ever lose...?

Episode 23 - The Little BelowskiEdit

Belowski: I play Mokey Mokey in attack modey-modey!

[Syrus, Chumley, Bastion, Alexis, Crowler, and Belowski are asleep after the duel]
Jaden: HEY! Is anyone awake?! Oh come on! Okay, I will use your Water Dragon! And your Power Bond! Etoile Cyber? [Distracted] Hey, the clouds do kinda look like duel monsters....

Episode 24 - The New ChazzEdit

Chazz: Actually, I wasn't! You're still just as annoying and revolting and nonexistent as ever! Got it?! You're a disgusting little gremlin and I don't like you so quit bugging me!

Episode 25 - The School Duel (Part 1)Edit

Chancellor Foster: Ah, Jaden! So you're Duel Academy's Phenom.

Chazz: Alright, go time. Let's see what you got Jaden.
Jaden: With pleasure.
Chazz: No. The pleasure's gonna be all mine. Because you're going down!
Jaden & Chazz: DUEL!

Jaden: So come on, come on! When do I meet my opponent?!
Chazz: Right now, slacker.
Jaden: Who just said that?
Chazz: It's me.
Jaden: Whoa, hold on! Am I seeing things or is that Chazz?!
Chazz: You got that right.
Jaden: Well, why are you here?
Chazz: For the duel.
Jaden: I think it's sold out.
Chazz: I'm in it.
Jaden: Like as a ref?
Chazz: I'm dueling you!
Jaden: You mean.... It's you?! You're North Academy's duel rep?!

Episode 26 - The School Duel (Part 2)Edit

Chazz: This sucks. My new family is already dysfunctional.

Jaden and other Slifer Red students: Slifer it up!
Chazz: Couldn't we just stick with 'Chazz it up'?!

Episode 27 - Grave Risk (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: They dress weirder than Dr. Crowler!

GraveKepper’s Chief: Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier! [summons Gravekeeper’s Spear Soldier] I hope your Bubbleman’s draw provided you with two very good cards, because already, he’s outmatched in battle, and he is soon to be outnumbered as well!
Jaden: Uh-oh.
GraveKepper’s Chief: I now summon in attack mode, Gravekeeper’s Guard! [flip summons Gravekeeper’s Guard] And his effect lets me return a monster that’s out to its owner’s hand. And the monster I choose, is Bubbleman!

GraveKepper’s Chief: [draws] I activate the magic card, "Pot of Greed." Now, I can draw two cards. [draws two cards; Necrovalley and Gravekeeper’s Assailant] I shall summon Gravekeeper’s Assailant in attack mode! [summons Gravekeeper’s Assailant] And she will be joined the mysticism of Gravekeeper’s Curse!

Episode 28 - Grave Risk (Part 2)Edit

[The GraveKeeper's allies are preparing to attack Jaden]
GraveKeeper’s Chief: No! He lives. He was an impressive opponent.
Jaden: Hey, thanks! Some of your moves were pretty tight too there! It was a sweet match, let's duel again sometime!
GraveKeeper’s Chief: What? You mean to say you enjoyed the Shadow Game?
Jaden: Oh, totally! I mean, I could've done without the whole 'friends in the coffin' thing, but it was fun!

Episode 29 - Doomsday Duel (Part 1)Edit

[In Professor Banner's class]
Jaden: [Yawns] Time to get up!
Syrus: For the next class?
Jaden: Of course not, for lunch. [Takes out his lunchbox] Oh yeah!! The one subject I can't get enough of!
Professor Banner: Just a moment there Jaden. I'm afraid your lunch will have to wait. It seems Chancellor Sheppard wants a word with you.
Chumley: Jaden, I'll watch your lunch for you, especially if you have a side of grilled steak in there.
Jaden: Oh, you wish.
Syrus: Chancellor Sheppard! Aw Jaden, what did you do?
Jaden: Maybe it's good, like an award?
Chazz: Hehe! NO WAY!! It's never good news with Sheppard. You are so busted!!!
Professor Banner: Actually Chazz, he wants to see you too.
Chazz: He-WHA!!!?

Dr. Crowler: Well, well. Look at this convocation of students. Some of the best duelists in the school, I see. [Looks at Jaden] Uh-oh! (sings) Which one of these is not like the other? Clearly someone here is a little bit lost.
Jaden: He is not. Chazz was invited.
Chazz: He means you.

Syrus: What? Wait a sec, you can't just go to sleep right now! I mean what if a Shadow Rider shows, Jaden!?
Jaden: Huh? I'm sure they'll wake me up. I only hope... its not before 10. Actually, make that 11. So I have time to shower and stuff.
Syrus: Wow Jay, you sure seem chill.
Jaden: Hey, no wait, maybe 12. So I can have breakfast too.

[Sheppard explains that the three Sacred Beast cards are hidden in Duel Academy]
Jaden: Sweet... like under someone's mattress or in a cookie jar?

[Sheppard explains about the Shadow Riders seeking out the Keykeepers]
Chazz: Uh... seek us out? Don't you mean TAKE us out?!

Episode 30 - Doomsday Duel (Part 2)Edit

Syrus: C'mon Jay....
Alexis: Sy, he's fine. Tired maybe, but who could blame him?
Chumley: Not me. I'm tired and I didn't do a thing.
Syrus: JAY! Don't do this! Why, WHY?!
Alexis: He's okay.

Episode 31 - Field of Screams (Part 1)Edit

Professor Crowler: You see, though it makes me slightly ill to admit it, JADEN'S ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!! I CAN BEAT YOU!! I CAN THROW DOWN!!! AND I CAN GET MY GAME ON!!! ...Ugh, I suddenly feel the need to rinse my mouth out.

[Crowler and Camula begin their duel]
Crowler & Camula: Duel!
Camula: So key-keeper, you don't believe in werewolves?

Episode 32 - Field of Screams (Part 2)Edit

Syrus: Sure, I may have gotten the looks, but the truth is, you got just about everything else.

Episode 33 - Field of Screams (Part 3)Edit

Jaden: (after getting out of the hospital) What's up?
Syrus: (worries about Jaden risking his life to fight Camula) For the last time, you can't!
Chazz: Yeah, you're still hurt, slacker!
Bastion: It's true.
Alexis: Maybe, but... See? We were back at the hospital... (remembers Atticus in the hospital) Oh! You're finally awake!

Camula: Flare Wingman? But you never used that card in your deck before! You have to be cheating! You put it in there when I wasn't looking, didn't you?
Jaden: Uh, yeah. But you know, I'm not so sure that's cheating. I mean, hello Camula, you were the one spying!

Episode 34 - The Fear FactorEdit

Jaden: So you here to hang out?
Chazz: With you? That's a good laugh, slacker.
Syrus: (squirts water into Chazz's face) And that's an even better one!

Episode 35 - Sibling RivalryEdit

Jaden: [Singing] Chillin' out with ya crew in the schoolyard- yeah!- Findin' trouble, never-
Chazz: You know, you don't have to follow me everywhere!

Episode 36 - Duel Distractions (Part 1)Edit

Chazz: Crowler?!
Syrus: What are you doing?
Crowler: A man's work!
Banner: A man's work? My, they must have been running very short on men.

Episode 37 - Duel Distractions (Part 2)Edit

Chazz: Wow, she must be really desperate to find a husband if she's gotta use a cage.

Episode 38 - Get Yarr Game On!Edit

Bastion: Wait, if this isn't a Shadow Game, then how did he shroud the duel arena in darkness? Would someone care to... explain that?
Sailor: Sir, we've fixed the lights in the arena!
Chazz, and Bastion: [faint]

Episode 39 - The Dark ScorpionsEdit

Jaden: You know, there was a hole in the wall of our room.
Syrus: It's true.
Chazz: And let me guess, slacker, you've already sealed it back up?
Jaden: Well, uh, kinda....
Chazz: [Sarcastically] You guys are really something.
Jaden: Hey, thanks! We do what we can!
Chazz: You sure do.

Episode 40 - A Lying LegendEdit

Banner: You can continue in detention.
Syrus: Ah man! Fifth time this week!

Chazz: Oh, so now he's a legend?! Because you beat him?!

Episode 41 - A Reason To WinEdit

Titan: So you see, now I'm more powerful than ever!
Alexis: And uglier.

Episode 42 - Duel Monsters Spirit DayEdit

[Dorothy is cosplaying as Dark Magician Girl]
Syrus: [Screams] On what occasion is this a better idea?!
Chumley: You don't think Dorothy pulls that off?
Dorothy: Excuse me, but I make a great Dark Magician Girl and have for ten years! That's how long I've owned this costume! [Sleeve rips]

Dark Magician Girl: Okay, Fire Sorcerer! Do your thing!
Syrus: Yeah, she's gonna do her thing! Um... what exactly is that again?

Episode 43 - Hearts Are WildEdit

Alexis: Well. You have haven't grown up too much.
Pierre: My. You have.

Jaden: Pierre! You too! Now bon voyage! That's right, I know some French! ...That is French, right?

Jaden: Leaving? Sayonara, then! That's French too, right?

Episode 44 - The Seventh Shadow RiderEdit

Syrus: Professor!
Chumley: Banner!
Jaden: Chazz is being Chazz again!
Dr. Crowler: What gobbledygook duel alchemy is! What pure drivel!!

[The students laugh at him]

Episode 45 - Amnael's Endgame (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: Look, our friends need our help and we're gonna give it to them.

Episode 46 - Amnael's Endgame (Part 2)Edit

Jaden: I'm a loser? At least I know how to use moisturizer!

Episode 47 - Chazz-anovaEdit

[Chazz steals the Spirit Keys to force Alexis to duel him]
Zane: Anyone up for just tackling him?

Episode 48 - Rise of The Sacred Beasts (Part 1)Edit

Syrus: Alexis, don't make the scary man mad.

Episode 49 - Rise of The Sacred Beasts (Part 2)Edit

Jaden: [after hugging Kagemaru] I guess bear hugs and old folk don't go so well together.

Episode 50 - Magna Chum LaudeEdit

Jaden: Actually, I don't think I'd call it sleeping in class. It's more like scheduled study eye-breaks.
Alexis: Give me a break Jaden.

Dr. Crowler: Dear Chumley: you're about to fail for the last time!

Episode 51 - The Graduation Match (Part 1)Edit

Syrus: I just don't want to see my best friend get hurt!

Crowler: So not only did he destroy Cyber End Dragon, but he took the lead in the duel too?!
Sheppard: Yes, it sure looks that way. Jaden has really done his homework here.
Crowler: Done his homework...? Well, this would certainly be his first time. That slifer-slacker.

Episode 52 - The Graduation Match (Part 2)Edit

Zane: You okay?
Jaden: I think so. How's my hair? Is it still there?

Season 2Edit

Episode 53 - Back to DuelEdit

Professor Crowler: After all, everyone on Earth knows Aster Phoenix.
Jaden: [Near the Slifer Dorm with Aster] Hey kid, I don't know who you are, but let's duel! Wrong catch phrase, what I meant to say was... get your game on!!

Jaden: So what's your name, freshman?
Aster: You can call me A. P.
Jaden: Alright Ap, let's throw down!!

Syrus: I can swear I've seen that guy before.
Alexis: You're right.
Chazz: Yeah, he does look familiar.
Dorothy: Hey Chazz, maybe he graduated from that snooty prep school of yours.
Syrus: Good call. He certainly looks rich enough... and stuck up enough.
Chazz: Look, shrimp, he's nothing like me!
Aster: [Off-screen] Ojama Yellow! Defense mode!!
[Chazz falls over]

Aster: Wow, so I guess it's true. You are good as they say!
Jaden: Thanks for the props. But when you play cards like Ojama Yellow, you don't exactly make it too tough.
Chazz: [Smirks and leans next to Syrus] He's right.
Jaden: What'd ya do? Take lessons from Chazz or something?
[Chazz hears and falls over]

Hassleberry: Can you guys tell me who's in charge 'round here?

Episode 54 - Champion or Chazz-been?Edit

Chazz: You know, I used to be just like you. A snob who looked down on everyone around me. But I've changed. Know how? Now I'm a snob who only looks down on some people.

Episode 55 - A Hassleberry HoundingEdit

Syrus: Will you give it up? You're not in the army!
Troupe Tyranno: Who's the best? Troup Tyranno! And who's gonna win?
Syrus: Troup Jaden!
Jaden: Am I the only one here who hasn't gone insane?

Episode 56 - Sad But TruesdaleEdit

Syrus: Who's the scared one NOW?! Why don't I give you a little hint- she's the one with the monster speeding towards her!

Syrus & Missy: Game on!
Missy: Ladies first. [draws her turn] Look out! I summon Prickle Fairy in defense mode!

Syrus: [Thinking] Whenever things get tough, I start to doubt myself! I hear this voice in my head telling me to give up because I'm not good enough!
Missy: You're not good enough, dork, so just give up!
Syrus: [Thinking] See, there it is!

Hassleberry: C'mon soldier, up and at 'em. You can't hide in there forever.
Syrus: Of course not. Just for a few days. A week tops. But don't worry, I've got everything I need in here. Bottled water, a canned ham, Mr. Fuzzy-Bear....
Hassleberry: I am not even gonna ask.

Missy: [After Syrus activates No Entry] Stroke of luck...lovely.

Episode 57 - The DemonEdit

Syrus: So when Jaden fuses those two heroes he can choose to form Flame Wingman or Phoenix Enforcer?
Jaden: Wait, I can?! Whoa, who knew?
Chazz: Wow! You're even dumber than I thought! And that's saying a lot!
Jaden: Whaddaya know? My deck has a new trick! Why didn't anyone tell me about this before?
Chazz: How did this spazz ever beat me?!

Episode 58 - A New Breed of Hero (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: [Bouncing on Bastion's bed] You gotta love these beds.

Episode 59 - A New Breed of Hero (Part 2)Edit

Aster: You can't hide from destiny!

Episode 60 - Pop Goes The DuelEdit

Chazz: We may be one man down, but we're five men strong!! Well four men and a lovely lady... alright three men, a lady, and Syrus!!

Atticus: Hey Sissy!!
Alexis: [looks surprised] Atticus!
Chazz: No way.
Syrus: Nice song!
Hasslebery: Hold on. Who's he calling a sissy!!
Alexis: Me, he's my brother.
Hassleberry: I knew that.

Crowler: By the way Alexis, have you come to your senses yet, or not?
Alexis: My senses? I'm not the one in a wetsuit with a boat strapped to my back.

Alexis: I already told you guys, didn't I? Crowler wants me and Atticus to become a pop singing duo.
Crowler: What's so bad about that? I get free publicity, you get a free dress. It's a win-win situation.
Chazz: [Daydreams about Alexis in a dress] YEAH!!!
Alexis: A little help here!
Bastion: Yeah, Chazz, you know she can't carry a tune.
Alexis: [Gets mad and slaps Bastion]
Hassleberry: You gotta know when to hold it, soldier.
Bastion: I was... trying to help. Girls are so complex.

Chazz: 'L' to the 'E' to the 'X' to the 'I'! Lexi rules and that's no lie!

Atticus: I've already named our band. We're called Bro-Bro and Sissy.
Hassleberry: So, which one's he?
Bastion: Good question...

Episode 61 - I've Seen The LightEdit

Chazz: Where's your duel disk anyway?
Sartorius: Who needs a duel disk when you have this! [Table appears]
Chazz: Uh, you realize that's a table, don't you?

Episode 63 - Curry WorriesEdit

Chazz: [Watching the rest of the gang eating] Ugh. I once settled for this low-grade slop too, but then I joined the Society of Light! Now, I'm destined for something more!
Bastion: Yes, starvation if you're waiting for a steak in this school.

Episode 64 - Camaraderie ContestEdit

Atticus: You both wanna be frontman, but the problem is you're singing back-up. Like her, she dreams of stardom, but takes a backseat to her big bro.

Syrus: You're on, Serge! I'll take your tough talk and wrap it up in a box, then I'll mail it right back to you!
Atticus: At least my analogies make sense.

Episode 65 - No Pain, No GameEdit

Bastion: Well if my brother hit rock-bottom, I'm sure I'd feel the same way.
Chazz: And if Zane was my brother, I'd change my last name. Hey, guess what, Syrus? Now there's someone out there who's even lamer than you are!

Episode 66 - Going BananasEdit

[Jaden's lost in the woods looking for Duel Academy, and is going in the opposite direction from it]
Jaden: [To Wheeler] Bye! Thanks for the memories! Haha!
Wheeler: [Looks towards a sign pointing to Duel Academy looming over the trees]
Jaden: All right, I've got to be close to Duel Academy now. If only there was a sign... [Walks off in the other direction]

Episode 67 - Homecoming Duel (Part 1)Edit

Bonaparte: You know, you're only as old as you feel! Allow me to demonstrate! All right dudes, let's get funky with our bad selves!
Syrus: What's he talking about?

Episode 68 - Homecoming Duel (Part 2)Edit

Bastion: That's Jaden. If he's got one thing, it's a flair for the dramatic.

Bastion: Great Scot!
Syrus: Aww man!
Hassleberry: Sam Hill!
Alexis: Oh my God!

Episode 69 - Dormitory DemolitionEdit

Crowler: That dorm is staying put!
Bonaparte: Over my dead body!
Crowler: Fine by me!

Crowler: You're such a dramatic little man. But save the screaming for the end!
Bonaparte: Well, FINE!

Hassleberry: I'm lost.
Syrus: Me too.
Bastion: Any thoughts, Jay?
Jaden: This duel is so sweet!

Episode 70 - Obelisk WhiteEdit

Jasmine: He's pretty creepy.
Mindy: Typical guy.
Syrus: She's pretty riled up.
Hassleberry: Typical gal.

Episode 72 - Not Playing With A Full DeckEdit

Howard: Well, well, well. A young blossom. So full of potential, yet so easy to destroy. Say your prayers. (stomps on flower) Jaden, you're next!

Episode 73 - Source of StrengthEdit

Jaden: Come on. What, he thinks we're in first grade?
Hassleberry: Actually, one of us is!
Syrus: I'm gonna ignore that!

Episode 74 - Happily Never AfterEdit

Society of Light, except Sarina: (shouting) SARINA! SARINA! SARINA!
Jaden: What, did he brainwash the whole dorm?
Hassleberry: (muttering) Affirmative, Why else why would they be cheerin’ like that, it’s not like he deserves it.
Syrus: Well, he is the oldest living freshman.

Sartorius: You see, gentlemen. As a new student here, I'd rather not stand out.
Hassleberry: Then get a new haircut!
Sarina: Touche.

Rose: I’ll start with tadpole.
Hassleberry: Now that’s ugly.
Rose: (to Hassleberry) You would know.
Syrus: (laughing) Heh! She got you.
Hassleberry: (hiding face while muttering) I know.

Episode 76 - Taken By Storm (Part 2)Edit

[Aster sees Jaden and Solomon near an alley]
Aster: Jaden?
Jaden: Hey bro. Grandpa, this is my good friend, Aster Phoenix.
Solomon: I know. I follow professional dueling. I'm a big fan.
Aster: Who knew I had such old fans.
Grampa: Like who?

Frost: Either these guys are the ultimate tag team, or you and I are getting played, bro! [Reflector catches the light] Yo! Check out our reflectors!
Thunder: Oh snap! These no-good punks can totally see each others cards!

Episode 77 - J-Dawg & T-BoneEdit

Solomon: Chin up. So your friends got captured by an evil psychopath who's plotting world domination. Not to worry! That happened to me several times!

Episode 78 - Mirror Mirror (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: Thanks, Aster!
Aster: For what? Get it straight, I'm going to Kaibaland for me, not you.
Jaden: Well, believe it or not, I actually enjoy your company, bro!

Solomon: Not this place!
Jaden: What is it, Gramps?
Aster: Try reading the sign dude.
Jaden: Ok... now what is it in English?

Jaden: Before we get our game on, who's your partner?
Sarina: She's been right here. Would you boys like to meet her? Surprise. [her reflection twin appears]
Jaden: Give me a break. And I thought one was bad.
Jaden, Aster, and Sarina twins: GAME ON!
[Tag-team duel begins]
Sarina #1: Since we're in my world, I'll start! [draws] Now I summon, Sprit Ukyo!

Episode 79 - Mirror Mirror (Part 2)Edit

Aster: This is why you're a beginner and I'm a pro!

[Bastion and Solomon see Jaden, Aster, Syrus, and Hassleberry come out from the virtual arena]
Solomon: Hey, have you seen four kids, about your size?
Bastion: Actually... that's them.

Episode 81 - Let's Make A DuelEdit

[Alexis grabs Jaden]
Bob: Alexis! I'm here for you! Unhand her!
Jaden: 'Unhand'?! She's got me!
Bob: Never fear, Bob is here! I'll protect you!
Jaden: No offense bro, but I need protection!

Episode 82 - Magnetic PersonalityEdit

Bastion: Am I... a good duelist or not?
Jaden: Good? You're great! Right Sy? Like when you beat, um....
Bastion: Go on!
Syrus: Well, that Amazon girl?
Bastion: Ugh. She won.

Episode 84 - Generation neXtEdit

Jaden: He won! In just one turn!
Bastion: Not quite. Sartorious never had a turn. So he won... in zero turns.

Episode 85 - Rah, Rah, Ra!Edit

Jaden: Welcome back, Chum!
Syrus: If I knew you were coming, I'd have made some grilled steak!
Chumley: That's okay. This isn't the time, Sy. Although, if you've got some bread and pie
Hassleberry: Just check the fridge.

Episode 86 - The Art of The DuelEdit

Syrus: I'm coming.... Not everyone runs fifteen miles every morning at the crack of dawn....

Episode 87 - Blinded By The Light (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: Wait, I'm confused.
Chazz: Yeah, what else is new?

Episode 88 - Blinded By The Light (Part 2)Edit

Chazz: I'm not perfect and I don't care!

Episode 89 - The Darkness WithinEdit

Chazz: Burnt fish, rotten seaweed, rancid soup, and something I can't even identify? You call this lunch?
Dorothy: It's good to have you back.

[Jaden learns that Zane has come back to the Academy]
Jaden: That means I can duel him now! I'm gonna get my Zane on!

Episode 90 - Pro-DuelingEdit

Syrus: Jaden, we gotta chill more often.
Chazz: Dude, I am so down with that plan.

Episode 91 - Don't Fear The ReaperEdit

Jaden: [Sees the Reaper] Uh, hi...?
Reaper: [Holds up scythe threateningly]
Jaden: I think I have the wrong forest....

Episode 92 - Duel For HireEdit

Bonaparte: Well this settles it [Holds two hand full of medals] You see these, proof that I'm superior to you in every way.
Crowler: Oh please. Someone who can't even reach the elevator buttons is superior to me.
Bonaparte: That was low, Crowler.
Crowler: No, what's low is you. Low to the ground that is!

Crowler: Look shrimp, at least I didn't win mine from freshmen.
Bonaparte: I know. That's because they beat you. Your last medal came from a 4 year old!
Crowler: He was 5!!

Jaden: Hey Dr. C, hey Mr. B! So what's up with the long faces?
Crowler: Who us? ...We're fine.
Jaden: Wait a second... you got fired, didn't you?
[Both Crowler and Bonaparte fall over]
Jaden: Am I right?
Crowler: WHO TOLD YOU!!!?
Syrus: The whole school kinda knows.
[Bonaparte and Crowler turn white]
Hassleberry: They look like they've seen a ghost.
Jaden: Correction, they look like they are ghosts.

Episode 93 - Heart of Ice (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: It's time to get your game on!
Alexis: No, it's time for you to get a new line.

Chazz: That's not all! I wrote you a poem to go with it! [Clears throat] My love for you is like an Ojama! I love you more than a trip to the Bahamas! And even more than a llama loves his mama! I love you in a dress but also pajamas! And you'll always be my little Lexi-rama!
Atticus: [Applauds]
Chazz: You're too kind.
Syrus: Uh, Chazz, I was kidding about the whole poem thing.

Episode 94 - Heart of Ice (Part 2)Edit

Jaden: [Thinking] Time for Plan B! Of course, until I actually think of one, her Snow Fairy is probably a good place to start.

Alexis: You should change your catchphrase to "Get you lame on"!

Jaden: The only time I ever throw in the towel, is laundry day!

Alexis: [Awakes after the duel and to Jaden] We have a duel? Wait I beat you. True? Please, tell me that I did not lose.
Jaden: [Extends a hand to Alexis for help her to up] You win.

Episode 95 - Tough LoveEdit

Aster: He doesn't want revenge. I've been talking trash for the past ten minutes, and he still won't take the bait.
Syrus: Then what do you want, Zane?
Zane: Meet the new me. Thanks to duels like this, your brother was reborn.
Syrus: Uh, happy birthday?

Episode 96 - It's All RelativeEdit

Crowler: [Over the intercom] Attention slackers! Will Jaden Yuki please report to the physics lab immediately! You have a pop quiz to take.
Jaden: [Freaking out]
Syrus: Come on. It's not that bad. It's one teeny little test.
Jaden: Just a test?! Tests are the enemy, Sy! I'll flunk out of school! [Hassleberry enters] Why are you here?
Hassleberry: We heard about that pop quiz of yours.
Jaden: Awesome! So what's the escape plan?
Syrus: Escape plan? For one test?
Hassleberry: Son, it's pop quiz time!
Jaden: Can't we talk about- [Pushed into physics lab]
Hassleberry: Oh, and uh, good luck!

Hassleberry: Jaden... Physics quiz. Shoot, that boy just may have to cheat.

Episode 97 - The Dark LightEdit

Bonaparte: Don't you people have dorm rooms?
Jaden: Yeah, but they don't have stereo surround sound.

Episode 98 - Ultimate DestinyEdit

Aster: Hold on! If that's true, then why did you adopt me?!
The D: It's simple. The police would never suspect a generous man like me. And it worked! Thank you, "son".

Episode 99 - The Key FactorEdit

Prince Ojin: So, the mouse confronts the cat.

Episode 100 - The Phoenix Has Landed (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: Hurry! Aster needs our help!
Sheppard: [Stuck up in a tree] Aster?! What about me?!

Aster & Sartorius: GAME ON!
Sartorius: The first move is mine! [draws his turn] I call, Arcana Force III - The Empress!
Jaden: Yikes! Be careful!
Sartorius: The special abilities of my Empress are determined by the position of the card once it stops.

Episode 101 - The Phoenix Has Landed (Part 2)Edit

Aster: I wouldn't be where I am if it weren't for you, so wipe off that frown!

Episode 102 - The Hands of Justice (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: We're gonna do things my way! Get your game on!
Sartorius: But I don't need to duel you! You've already given me what I want!
Jaden: [Dismayed] What was I thinking?!

Episode 103 - The Hands of Justice (Part 2)Edit

Jaden: All right. I need a plan. Come on, Jaden, think! I've gotta deactivate his Light Barrier.
Sartorius: I can hear you. You might want to think without speaking next time.

Episode 104 - Future ChangesEdit

Hassleberry: I'm a sucker for happy endings.
Jaden: Well, what's left to say?
Syrus: How about your famous catchphrase?
Jaden and Syrus: GET YOUR GAME ON!
Hassleberry: What game are we talkin' about?
Syrus: You're ruining the mood!

Season 3Edit

Episode 105 - Third Time's a CharmEdit

Chazz: Let's go! And paint inside the lines! This isn't preschool!

Episode 106 - Jewel of a Duel (Part 1)Edit

Episode 107 - Jewel of a Duel (Part 2)Edit

Aster: (thinking) Jaden, I hope you know what you're dealing with.
Jaden: (thinking) I have no idea what I'm dealing with.

Syrus: They're twins!
Hassleberry: Ain't that cute.
Chazz: Two Jadens?!
Aster: Oh well, I guess it could be worse, right? At least Chazz doesn't have a twin.

Episode 108 - Hanging with Axel (Part 1)Edit

Episode 109 - Hanging with Axel (Part 2)Edit

Syrus: He's not the only one in danger! Does anyone remember me?! I know I'm not the star, but give me a break! A little respect, people!

Episode 110 - Primal InstinctEdit

Jim: That's why I covered her eyes, mate. I'm trying to minimize all the external stimuli.
Jaden: This no time to start speaking Australian, Jim!
Jim: Ah, yeah, let's move on then. [Muttering] No time to be speaking Australian...

Jim: Game on, mate!
[Hassleberry growls; duel begins]
Hassleberry: Dino-man make first move! [draws] Play Gila-saur! [summons "Gilasaurus" in attack mode] Now dino-friend go bye-bye! [sacrifices "Gilasaurus" to tribute summon "Dark Driceratops" in attack mode]
Syrus: He sacrificed Gilasaurus, and used it to play Dark Driceratops!

Syrus: Hassleberry's back to normal!
Jim: Maybe, depends on your definition of normal.
Hassleberry: Show some respect! Drop and give me 20!
Jesse: I don't know what's worse, a guy who thinks he's a dinosaur or a guy who thinks he's an obnoxious drill sergeant.

Episode 111 - Head in the Clouds (Part 1)Edit

Viper: Good day ladies. You too Miss Fontaine.

Crowler: What's wrong, is there trouble?
Bonaparte: Back off, before someone drops a house on you.

Episode 112 - Head in the Clouds (Part 2)Edit

Episode 113 - Win Mr. Stein's Duel (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: Hold on, so where exactly are we going, teach?
Stein: [In monotone] On an exciting adventure with bone-chilling twists around every corner.
Jaden: Gee, you make it sound so thrilling.

Episode 114 - Win Mr. Stein's Duel (Part 2)Edit

Stein: How uncharacteristically intelligent of you.

Stein: We both gave up so much for our love of dueling. But in the end I'm afraid it just wasn't enough.
Jaden: [Blinks] Huh? What? Sorry, I just zoned out.
Stein: You know, why do I even bother.

Episode 115 - Trapper Keeper (Part 1)Edit

Alexis: Wow, that was weird. Even for this place.

Viper: I knew Mr. Andersen had some rage buried in him.

Episode 116 - Trapper Keeper (Part 2)Edit

Episode 117 - Snake in the Grass (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: [Thinking] Weird. Professor Stein said the same thing. Just not as nice.

Episode 118 - Snake in the Grass (Part 2)Edit

Jesse: Now fess up, spill the beans, and you tell us what this is really all about! You got that Viper?!

Episode 119 - Snake in the Grass (Part 3)Edit

Viper: [Laughs insanely]
Jim: He's white crackers!

Episode 120 - Inter-Dimensional DetentionEdit

Episode 122 - Night of the Living DuelistsEdit

Syrus: I got scared, and hid inside my favorite locker. But I'm glad you're here now... [Zombie voice] ...Very glad. Get your game on, Jaden.

Hassleberry: Got any garlic?!
Jim: They're not vampires, mate!

Jim: At least the door's secure.
Zombie Chazz: [Opens door] There's no escape, Jaden.

Episode 123 - School Ghoul DuelsEdit

Jaden: What's wrong? Who's out there?
Hassleberry: Who's not out there? The whole school's slowly turning against us!

Episode 124 - Triple Play (Part 1)Edit

Jaden: Think those ghouls do deliveries?
Hassleberry: That's just not funny!

Chazz: They're not for eating, they're for dueling....

Episode 125 - Triple Play (Part 2)Edit

Blair: It's the vice-chancellor! He just took off and started running!
Jaden: Well that's a first.

Episode 126 - Return of the Sacred BeastsEdit

Zombie Chazz: Jaaaadenn, I hope you're not in a hurry-
Jaden: Snap out of it! The Sacred-
Zombie Chazz: -'Cause we're gonna duel!

Episode 127 - Breaking the Sacred SealEdit

Syrus: [Hugs Jaden] Duueeeelll meeee....

Episode 128 - A Dimension DuelEdit

Zombie Crowler: I guess I'm just going to have to teach you some manners....
Jaden: You and what army?! [Spots zombie students] Oh. That army.

Bastion: Someone please come in!!
[Duel ghouls break down the door and enter]
Bastion: That’s not what I had in mind

Episode 129 - Unleash the Dragon (Part 1)Edit

Yubel: You're so mean.

Jesse: [After getting the card Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon] Alright! I did it! I completed the Crystal Beast Deck!

Episode 130 - Unleash the Dragon (Part 2)Edit

Yubel: And you and I? We have some catching up to do. Now prepare to feel my wrath!

Yubel: Jaden, we're finally reunited! Why are you staring at me like you don't know who I am? Look into my eyes and remember...

Episode 131 - All For OneEdit

Marcel: Let's just be a family again, only without the whole 'me being possessed' thing.

[After portal to other dimension opens up]
Aster: Something's happening.
Zane: What gave it away, genius?

Episode 132 - A New World OrderEdit

Bastion: I'll stay with Tania.
Hassleberry: How come, is she your girlfriend?
Syrus: It's like before. She cast a love spell, right?
Bastion: A love spell?! I assure you, it's nothing like that at all!

Episode 133 - Friend or FiendEdit

Axel: Alright, we move together and no unnecessary chatter
Syrus: What do you mean by unnecessary chatter?
Axel: Dumb questions like that
Syrus: I thought there are no dumb questions

Syrus: Not another door.

Episode 134 - Dueling With the Dark ArmyEdit

Jaden: [Thinking] I know I said I'd stay, but Jesse needs my help! I can't risk anything happening to him, even if it means me being caught!

Episode 135 - Turning the Page (Part 1)Edit

Chazz: I'm in chains, man, I can't hang any tighter!

Episode 136 - Turning the Page (Part 2)Edit

Episode 137 - The State of SyrusEdit

Episode 138 - The Darkness is RevealedEdit

Jim: He wants payback and he's gonna go right to the top to get it.

Episode 139 - A Sight Unseen (Part 1)Edit

Supreme King: With Dark Fusion, I combine Elemental Hero Avian and Elemental Hero Burstinatrix... to form, Evil Hero Inferno Wing!
Axel: So Dark Fusion takes two good guys to make one bad guy?

Episode 140 - A Sight Unseen (Part 2)Edit

Supreme King: You feel that? It's hopelessness. It's fear and panic and terror! It devoured your little friend Jaden and shattered all the good, but unlike your little friend the darkness has no use for you!

Episode 141 - What Lies Beneath (Part 1)Edit

Zane: Let's get our game on.

Episode 142 - What Lies Beneath (Part 2)Edit

Axel and Supreme King: GAME ON!
Axel: And I go! [draws] I place one card face-down. You're move.
Supreme King: A feeble start. [draws] I activate...the "Dark Fusion" spell card! And with this, your end begins! By sending fusion-material monsters in my hand to my grave, I can summon a fiend-type fusion monster. Now by fusing... Elemental Heroes Avian and Wildheart, I can call forth, Evil Hero Wild Cyclone! [dark fusion summons Evil Hero Wild Cyclone in attack mode]

Episode 143 - What Lies Beneath (Part 3)Edit

Aster: I am not liking this.

Episode 144 - The Forbidden Ritual (Part 1)Edit

Zane: Interesting. You've developed a soft side.
Aster: Have not!

Episode 145 - The Forbidden Ritual (Part 2)Edit

Jaden: You.... Adrian! How could you do that to Aster?!
Adrian: Is it any worse than what you did to your friends? Heh, I don't think so.

Episode 146 - Conquering the Past (Part 1)Edit

Syrus: Jaden needs to find the courage to forgive himself.

Episode 147 - Conquering the Past (Part 2)Edit

Yubel/Jesse: Never you mind, Zane. A new day dawns.
Zane: Does it really?

Yubel/Jesse: Before long, the fabric of all things will be undone, then re-woven so that all dimensions will become one. The great eye will see all! Hahaha!
Zane: Yeah, okay. I'd ask you to explain what that all means, but you know what? Don't even bother.

Zane: I'm not gonna leave here with regrets. My time here is limited. When it's up, I don't want to be saying "I should have".

Zane: This duel may be the thing that sends me to the stars, but better that than to fade away while laying down.

Yubel/Jesse: If you don't want to get burned, take cover, worm.

Zane: You can't scare me, you know. My fate is written!

Episode 148 - Conquering the Past (Part 3)Edit

Zane: I never imagined I'd see that beast in battle. I look forward to slaying it.

Yubel/Jesse: Heheheh... now that's what I call a heart attack! You go! If you can, that is.

Yubel/Jesse: No! With that, my dragon will be... you can't!
Zane: Do you wanna bet?

Zane: You see, I've dueled all over this crazy world. In all sorts of places. I've battled stadiums, and underground arenas. And you know what? Looking back, I realise I had all the glory... but I missed out on having any of the fun! So if this is the last duel I ever take part in, I can guarantee, that whether I win or lose, I'm going to enjoy every last move!

Yubel/Jesse: You know what? I'm sorry! Sorry that in your last duel, you're not going to get any of the fun or the glory this time.

Zane: You want me to bring it on? Consider it brought! Now let's start the countdown to your demise! Go, Sonic Shriek! And there's far more where that came from! Attack! And we're not done yet! How're ya feelin'? Hit him again!

Yubel/Jesse: So, tell me, Zane. Was that move a real heart-stopper? 'Cause you're not looking too good!

Zane: I activate... the spell Power Bond!
Yubel/Jesse: What does that do!?
Zane: More than you'll ever know.

Zane: A new dawn is rising! It's a shame... you won't be around to witness it, Yubel!

Zane: But I still must pay for activating my Power Bond. And it's a lot more than this old heart of mine can take...

Zane: Hey, Syrus. I'm proud of you and always will be.

Episode 149 - The Ultimate Face-Off (Part 1)Edit

Yubel: So tell me, Adrian, now that you control the power of Exodia, what do you hope to do? What are your plans? Will you turn against me, will you challenge your mentor to a duel? Are you going to beat me and then call yourself powerful?
Adrian: That's right. I'll destroy you and with you out of the way, I'll rule this dimension!
Yubel: Just this one? Ha! You're not very ambitious, are you?

Episode 150 - The Ultimate Face-Off (Part 2)Edit

Episode 151 - The Power Within Part 1Edit

Yubel: Come on, Jaden, you love dueling, you live for it! If you're too scared to duel, then you must be too scared to live!

Episode 152 - The Power Within Part 2Edit

Jaden: You have to stop all this right now! Please Yubel, just listen! This is between you and me!
Yubel: And Jesse. See, you hurt 'cause he hurts and that makes me feel better!

Episode 153 - Return of the Supreme King Part 1Edit

Jaden: Jesse, you okay?
Jesse: Couldn't be better. *shudders* Okay, I probably could be better but don't worry. I'll be fine. It takes more than a hostile spirit take-over to keep this boy down.

Jaden: It's your move, Yubel.
Yubel: Very well. [draws] And by laying down this face-down, it's time.
Jaden: Time for what?
Yubel: Time to sacrifice the two rose tokens on my field, to summon Yubel. [sacrifices both rose tokens to summon herself]
Jaden: Did you just summon yourself?
Yubel: Yes, Jaden. And now, prepare to feel my fury!

Episode 154 - Return of the Supreme King Part 2Edit

Jaden: As Bastion said, we're two sides of the same coin. He's a part of me, and I'm a part of him! And together we're gonna defeat you!

Episode 155 - Return of the Supreme King Part 3Edit

Episode 156 - Judai Revived!? A Brand New JourneyEdit

[After Syrus wishes on a shooting star for Jaden to come back. Star comes crashing down in the forest, and Syrus runs after it. Smoke clears revealing Jaden standing, facing away from Syrus.]
Syrus: Jaden!
Jaden: [Turns head around] Syrus, we're having fried shrimp for dinner tonight, right?

Season 4Edit

Episode 157 - A Looming Threat! The Mysterious VisitorEdit

Episode 158 - Farewell, Duel Academia! The Path Jaden ChoosesEdit

Episode 159 - The Truth Behind Darkness! Judai VS FubukiEdit

Episode 160 - Fusing Souls! Neos VS F.G.D. (Five God Dragon)Edit

Episode 161 - Shall We Duel? Invitation to a Pair DuelEdit

Episode 162 - Judai VS Asuka: Face-Down Card of Hidden EmotionsEdit

Episode 163 - Challenge from Psycho ShockerEdit

Episode 164 - The Inherited Cyber Dark DragonEdit

Episode 165 - Shoot for it! Manjoume, the Path to a Pro Duelist!Edit

Episode 166 - Armed Dragon VS Dragoon D EndEdit

Episode 167 - Gratitude Duel! Chronos VS The Original Dropout BoyEdit

Chronos: Now I understand, the bitterness of separating from everyone I myself as a teacher have learned many things from them. As a teacher, I must keep taking a new step.

Episode 168 - The Graduation Duel Starts! Neos VS Black Flame Dragon of HorusEdit

Episode 169 - The Price of Decision! Darkness in the O`Brien FireEdit

Episode 170 - Saiou Returns! Activate the Decisive Power of Absolute Destiny!!Edit

Episode 171 - The End of Destiny! Magma Neos VS The Dark RulerEdit

Episode 172 - Duel Academia Crisis! The Gem Beast Blocking the WayEdit

Episode 173 - Darkness Invasion! Stolen MemoriesEdit

Episode 174 - Activate! "Clear World" Terror of Negatei BuefuikutoEdit

Episode 175 - Battle Royal! Judai vs. Johan vs. FujiwaraEdit

Episode 176 - Rainbow Neos, Protector of Bonds vs. Clear Vicious KnightEdit

Episode 177 - The Combo of Terror! Nihility and InfinityEdit

Episode 178 - The Last Hope! Yuki JudaiEdit

Episode 179 - Farewell, Judai! A Tearful Graduation CeremonyEdit

Episode 180 - The True Graduation Duel ! Judai VS Legendary DuelistEdit

[Judai's final lines in the anime]
Judai: [Thinking] Thank you, Yugi-sama, for everything. Gotcha!

Dialogue/Misc QuotesEdit

Jaden: [Used when beginning a duel; also used during the series' opening theme] Get your game on!

Jaden: [After winning a duel (Eng. dub)] That's game!

Jaden: [After winning a duel (Jap. dub)] Gotcha!

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