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Hunter Burgan (born May 14, 1976) is the bassist for the band AFI.

  • "I have two cell phones and I don’t feel weird about this. No disrespect to children in third world countries that only have one cell phone."
  • (in response to, "Why do dogs hump people's legs?") "I'd rather hump a human leg than another dog any day..."
  • "My birthday is coming up. I'm a size 2! *wink wink*"
  • "If it's the Earth’s last day I’d watch a movie and go to the mall. I have a lot of DVDs at home but would rather go to the theatre. I think I’d go see Bruce Almighty or the new Hulk movie."
  • (in response to a UK fans' request to come outside and "pull a face") "I will be coming outside to pull your face!"
  • "Last night i had a dream that I was hanging out with Joe Perry from Aerosmith. It ruled."
  • (in response to a question about how he manages to crazy on stage while playing the bass.) "Maybe you should drop the whole "being in a band" thing and just go crazy while doing something might find it easier to go crazy while working in a library or while you're waiting to see the dentist."
  • (in response to: Are you planning on getting into your birthday-suit later tonight?) "I'm actually already wearing it under my clothes."
  • (in response to: What is under your bed?) "A giant mirror."
  • (in response to: If you could only eat one food for your whole life, what would it be?) "I guess a really really really big sandwich."
  • "I like Philly. Every building has at least one brick."
  • "I have so many black T-shirts, Fruit of the Loom gave me my own private jet."
  • (in response to: What are your thoughts on eskimos?) "I love eskimos. They have 23 words for "sno-cone.""
  • "Humidity means that once you start sweating, you never stop."
  • "I have a picture of the one god that I do put all my faith in, right here. (pulls out his wallet and shows a picture) His name is Molo, he is the god of mold."
  • "Why? Why on this hottest of hot and humidest of humid days would I want a cup of hot coffee?! No idea. Sorry, I just lost my mind."
  • "I would really like to meet Elvis Costello. I have had a lot of opportunities to but it's one of those things - I don’t want to meet him as a fan. I would like to meet him as a fellow musician just because I don’t know really what I’d have to say to him otherwise. At least this way we could talk shop."
  • "Jawas are scoundrels...I would have a Jawa as a side kick. Ewoks are too cute. I wouldn't want to be slowed down by grandmas while at the supermarket."
  • (in response to: How did you guys get to Irvine?) "It was a magical van, it flew there."
  • (in response to: What are your musical influences?) "I love Prince, he is a great song writer. I admire how he can write songs in a lot of different styles. I love Elvis Costello’s lyrics I think he has some of the best word play ever. Definitely the cleverist lyrics I've ever read. As a bass player, I am really influenced by Eric Avery, who was the bass player for Janes Addiction, as well as James Jamerson who played bass on most of the Motown albums."
  • (in response to: What is the meaning behind AFI's use of the number 666?) "Yeah its my phone number, I didn't want to tell anyone."
  • "I'm not your Google."[1]

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