2 Stupid Dogs is an American animated television series, created and designed by Donovan Cook and produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, that originally ran from September 5, 1993 to May 15, 1995 on TBS (as a part of their Sunday Morning In Front Of The TV block) and in syndication. The main segments of the show featured two unnamed dogs, called "The Big Dog" and "The Little Dog" in the credits. They were voiced by Brad Garrett and Mark Schiff. A backup segment, Super Secret Secret Squirrel (a remake of Secret Squirrel) was shown in between the main 2 Stupid Dogs cartoons in many of the episodes, similar to early Hanna-Barbera cartoons in the 1960s.


Little Dog: Hey, hey, why'd you wake me up?
Big Dog: So we can wake up.
Little Dog: If you didn't wake me up, I might've had a nightmare and it would've woke me up. Then, I could've woke you up and we would both be awake. But since you did wake me up, I can't wake up from this nightmare so i can't wake you up! So we're both still asleep.
Big Dog: ...What?

[the two dogs are sniffing a road kill]
Little Dog: What is it?
Big Dog: Can't tell.
Little Dog: Wanna eat it?
Big Dog: Yup.

Little Dog: I want the toilet seat!
Big Dog: I want the toilet seat.
Little Dog: I found it!
Big Dog: I tipped over the trash can.
Little Dog: I led us down the street!
Big Dog: I woke up this morning.
Little Dog: I'm littler than you!
Big Dog: I used to be little.
Little Dog: I have an itch on my back!
Big Dog: I have a flea in my ear.
Little Dog: I saw an airplane!
Big Dog: I can eat an airplane.

Secret Squirrel: Agent triple-zero, Secret Squirrel, reporting for duty sir.
Morocco Mole: Likewise me, Morocco Mole.


  • The Little Dog (voiced by Mark Schiff)
  • The Big Dog (voiced by Brad Garrett)
  • Mr. Hollywood (voiced by Brian Cummings)
  • Kenny Fowler (voiced by Jarrett Lennon)
  • Buzz (voiced by Scott Menville)
  • Cubby (voiced by Rob Paulsen)
  • Buffy Ziegenhagen (voiced by Tawni Tamietti)
  • Red (voiced by Candi Milo)

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