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About ME!Edit

Hey peeps! How are you all doing today? Anyway, I'm Bashurman100, because "Bashurman" was taken, but you can still call me that. I LOVE maps and roads. I would always watch/listen to Youtube and go on Google Maps at the same time. I would also, occasionally, edit some Wikipedia pages about roads/highways and "try" to update them to the most recent stuff, you know? I also have a Youtube channel; Bashurman.

What I Do HereEdit

I mainly edit pages about roads. Maybe once or twice I'll edit a page about a book or something, but mainly roads. What roads? Mainly state routes, and interstate highways.

Why I Made This Page?Edit

I didn't MAKE this page, MadScientistX11 helped me and made this page for me, I added all the words and everything else. I am grateful that he/she made this page for me. So now, you can read all this and might be happy.

Why I Like Roads and How I Started?Edit

I was always interested in roads back when I was 7. I would just look out the window, in cars/buses/trucks, and, uhh how do I explain this..., make up where power-lines go. That's when I also started drawing roads, on paper. With pencils. I slowly "upgraded" my roads that I have been drawing, i.e. I started out with just drawing the lines on the side of the roads in pencil colour, then I added the dashed lines in the middle. Then, I drew the roads, but I drew the signage, not above the roads. Like, on a blank piece of paper, at the top left, I drew the signage, but next to that, I drew a portion of the road that goes w/ the signage, then I drew the signage, then the road, then the signage. You get the idea... Maybe. Anyhow, finally, I drew the whole roads w/ the signage above them on pieces of blank paper.


I like my life. I like roads. And I hope my description about me drawing roads made sense. And if you got bored reading this, I can't help you. I will most likely update my userboxes into something better, but it's good for now.


Some Badge ThingysEdit