Triangles Meditation

Triangles Meditation is a world service meditation with a global network of participants who connect mentally for a few minutes everyday via the power of thought and use of The Great Invocation, in order to help humanity evolve, by working towards uplifting and transforming our collective consciousness.

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  • The triangles of light and of goodwill are essentially invocative. They constitute the a.b.c. of the coming Science of Invocation. Their strength is dependent upon the depth of feeling in the one case, and the strength of the will in the other, with which they are created. I have here given those... who are launching this new project, which is so close to my heart, a new and useful hint. This work must go on. It is because the entire concept is so new and different to anything hitherto projected, that it seems so impossible of achievement; the triangles project has its incentive in such highly esoteric sources, that some... regard the work as exceedingly difficult, and thus complicate by their thinking, its essential simplicity; others regard it as the simplest thing in the world, and by an emphasis upon the exoteric and the organisational angle, they again hinder the true type of triangle being created...This deeply esoteric purpose of the Triangles will not be understood by the general public, but some of you who read this will appreciate the opportunity to serve in this manner consciously.
  • The Triangles movement was inaugurated by the Master Djwhal Khul through Alice Bailey...It was an attempt (and a very successful one) to link people in mental substance – getting them to form a more powerful unit than their own separated selves. The Triangles movement consists in organizing those triangles. To be a member of a triangle, you simply agree with two friends to form one. You do not have to be in the same location. You do not have to say the Great Invocation at the same time of day.
  • You each say it aloud wherever and whenever it is convenient, and as you do, each of you mentally links up with the two other members of the triangle. Visualize circulating above the heads of the three of you a triangle of white light. See your triangle linked to a network of such triangles which covers the whole world.

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