The Secret World of Alex Mack

American television series

The Secret World of Alex Mack is an American television series that aired on Nickelodeon from 1994 to 1998 and starred Larisa Oleynik as the title character who narrates the series.

Opening Title edit

Alex Mack: (narrating the show's premise) Would you wanna grow up here? I have to. I'm Alex Mack. I was just another average kid until my first day of junior high. One minute I'm walking home, the next was a crash and I'm drenched in some weird chemical. And since then... nothing's been the same. My best friend Ray thinks it's cool, and my sister Annie thinks I'm a science project. I can't let anyone else find out, not even my parents. I know the chemical plant wants to find me and turn me into some experiment. But you know something? I guess I'm not so average any more.

Season 1 edit

The Accident edit

Alex Mack: (miserably) Let's go home.
Ray Alvarado: No can do. Band try-outs.
Alex: Band try-outs?! You're gonna join the band?
Ray: I have to try. You know my dad. The Alvarados have a history of playing in the school band. I can't break that tradition. Besides (grins slyly) maybe I'll meet some girls.
Alex: Well, I'm a girl.
Ray: Girl-type girls, Alex.
Alex: Oh. (looks away) Girl-type girls.

(Annie enters the garage as Alex is trying to clean the chemicals off her skin)
Annie Mack: Wow. Tough first day?
Alex Mack: (fretfully) Hey, Annie. I was coming home from school when this plant truck swerved, almost hitting me, and crashed (claps her hands) BAM! Right into a hydrant! Then this barrel of gold stuff spilled all over me.
Annie: Hmm... You're not clever enough to make this up.
Alex: And just now, without even doing anything (hesitates) I think I turned on the saw and the electric train set.
Annie: What?!

Annie Mack: I get the feeling that this was not some minor accident. Those plant security guys are out there, so this has got to be something big!
Alex Mack: It wasn't my fault!
Ray Alvarado: They'll blame you! Adults always do.
Annie: He's right.

(Alex and Annie are preparing for bed)
Alex Mack: I'm really worried, Annie. The plant won't stop until they find me.
Annie Mack: Between my brains and your powers, that won't be too easy. Everything has changed, Alex. You were just this average kid, heading for this life of inconsequence and boredom, and now look at you.
Alex: (cheering up) I can tell you one thing. My second day of Junior High is going to be a lot different from my first.

(Danielle sits in her limosine as all the lights in Paradise Valley flash out of control due to Alex)
Danielle Atron: Have a good night's sleep, kid, 'cause you won't have 'em any more. You slipped through my fingers for now, but tomorrow is another day.

Hoop War edit

Vince Carter: Miss Atron, this is a minor detail. We will find the child.
Danielle Atron: I cannot be implicated in the process.
Vince: It has nothing to do with you. You can't cloud your mind with mundane problems like, some kid who is sprayed with a little bit of a chemical.
Danielle: A little bit of chemical? That's not what that truck driver said.
Vince: Well, Dave has a tendency to... exaggerate.
Danielle: We do not have a problem?
Vince: We do not have a problem.
Danielle: I don't want to know about this kid.
Vince: What kid?
Danielle: Thank you, Vince.

Shock Value edit

Vince Carter: ...We're going to Atron Junior High disguised as janitors. Once we infiltrate the premises, we'll go on watch to find the child.
Dave Watt: To be honest, I don't know the first thing about being a janitor, Vince.
Vince: (irritated) Well you obviously didn't know anything about being a truck driver but that didn't stop you, did it?
Dave: That’s true. OK, I’ll take a shot.
Vince: (grabs Dave’s shirt collar and pulls him in) This isn’t a matter of choice, Dave.
Dave: What does a janitor do?
Vince: It doesn’t matter! Once we get there just keep your eyes open for something unusual. Any display of extraordinary behavior or power. This child that we are looking for could possibly hold the secrets to our future on this planet!
Dave: Wow… I didn’t know being a janitor was such an exciting job!

The Videotape edit

(alarms are blaring throughout the Plant)
Dave Watt: (cowering behind a table) It's a meltdown! It's a meltdown!
Vince Carter: Calm down, Dave! This is a chemical plant, not a nuclear reactor!

School Dance edit

Science Fair edit

(A GC-161 alarm has gone off in the chemical plant)
Danielle Atron: We've come full circle, Vince. Kid came back to us.
Vince Carter: Obviously a desperate cry for help, Miss Atron.
Danielle: Once we've made a positive ID, how do we proceed?
Vince: Well, it could be traumatic for his family. But there are two ways to approach them in order to ensure their cooperation. One: kindness. Two: money.
Danielle: I find the latter usually the most effective.

False Alarms edit

The Feud edit

Alex and Mom edit

Cold Day in Paradise Valley edit

Annie Bails edit

The Solo edit

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Season 2 edit

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The Secret World of Ray Alvarado edit

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Saturn edit

Mack TV edit

(Alex is shooting her video entry for the school contest with her grandmother Abigail and Robyn)
Alex: (narrating) Welcome to "Black and White World" with Robyn Russo and Abigail Hoffman, two people who see the world in slightly different ways.
Abigail: Hello. We're here on a gorgeous day in Danielle Atron Park. It's a beautiful green park, a place to play, a place to make friends... a place to relax. Lovely, isn't it?
Robyn: Lovely? I see killer bees. I see pollen. And ragweed. I see the hot, toxic lethal sun, boring through the hole in the ozone, slowly killing us. Roasting, like a pig on a spit. And these people are supposedly having fun?
Abigail: What a strange, yet intriguing young girl you are.

The Party edit

Annie: (about to leave) Don't destroy the house, okay?
Alex: Come on, Annie. I'm just having a friend over to watch some videos. Can't you ever trust me? Besides, when have I ever destroyed the house?
Annie: There's a first time for everything.

Carnival edit

Local Hero edit

World Without Alex edit

Danielle Atron: Eighteen months we've been looking for that kid. That child shouldn't have been running loose for eighteen hours. If I'd been able to experiment on that kid, I'd have a Nobel Prize by now. I'd have... a trillion dollar patent by now. I'd be running for governor by now. But instead, what have I got? An ulcer! And I love spicy food.

Nerve edit

Busted edit

Season 3 edit

The Other Side: Part 1 edit

Alex: I mean, I'm fourteen, Annie. It's time for me to live my life. I want my own comic book.
Annie: Would you stay completely still, please?
Alex: Sorry. I'm sick of being your guinea pig, Annie.
Annie: Uh-huh. Look, just stay quiet and do what you're told, okay? Lab animals are so much easier: talking, questioning.
Alex: You never even listen, do you, when I talk to you?
Annie: Huh, what'd you say?

The Other Side: Part 2 edit

Working edit

Operation: Breakout edit

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Big Ray edit

New World Order edit

Bubbling Over edit

Muckracker edit

Bad Girl edit

The Understudy edit

Mystery Man edit

Barbara Mack: Sometimes in life, my darling, a little mystery is a good thing.

Alex Mack: I guess I could have a couple of secrets.

Alex Mack: Sometimes it's good to be not so popular.

Chemistry edit

A Room of Her Own edit

Spivey edit

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Twelve and a Half edit

The Test edit

The Creeper edit

Triangle edit

Friends Like That edit

Lars Fredrickson: Miss Atron, I think I should admit to you that... befriending people is not one of my uh... specialties. Uh, the problem is that... I don't like... them.
Danielle Atron: Who don't you like?
Lars: People. In general.
Danielle: So get yourself a dog.

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Lies and Secrets edit

Without Feathers edit

Kenneth: I know, people have said it before, I'm a strange human being. I know that. But let me tell you why. See most people, they don't care about what they do. They don't have any pride in their work. I'm not like that. I don't care if I'm mowing yards or slinging pepper or being an auto mechanic. I work every table like that's what I'm gonna be remembered for, for the rest of my life. That's my art. If that makes me different from other people or if that makes me strange then, so be it.

24 Hours edit

(Ray is telling Louis about the big surprise for Alex)
Louis: Ray, what makes you think I would believe something this crazy?
Ray: I'm telling you, it's true.
Louis: I'm not buying it. If something this... ridiculous and amazing happened to Alex, and it was this big secret and everything, why would you tell me? Keep in mind I was voted "Ninth-Grader Most Likely To Betray His Country.
Ray: Yeah. I told you 'cause we're gonna need your help.

(Alex thinks that everything in the prank they're playing on her is real, although it looks like she is in The Twilight Zone).

Paradise Lost edit

Paradise Regained edit

(Alex is held within a quarantine tube, with Danielle watching her)
Danielle Atron: Well, you've had quite a childhood thanks to me, now haven't you. Let's see what you can do. (Alex tries to use her powers to escape, but is unable to) You are magnificent, you really are. But I've gotta tell you, your timing is so bad. One more day and I wouldn't have given you another thought.
Alex Mack: (angrily) I want you to know I hate you.
Danielle: Aww, no you don't. You just think you do.
Alex: Why are you such a selfish, greedy, horrible person? Don't you care about anybody but yourself?
Danielle: Don't you read the newspapers, young lady? America is thrilled to have GC-161 entering their lives, and is America selfish? No! And besides, even if I did tell them that the product had a couple of side effects, they wouldn't care.
Alex: There's a lot of people who know about me! My friends, my sister! And if anything happens to me, they're gonna know it's you.
Danielle: Yeah... But you didn't tell anybody about the accident, now did you? Because if you had, I'm sure I would have been stopped a long time ago, but you didn't. I guess you and your sister had your own selfish reasons for keeping it to yourself.
Alex: I wish I had told them.

(Alex arrives to meet up with her captured parents)
George Mack: Do you know what's going on here, Alex? What does Danielle want with you?
Alex Mack: I guess I'd better tell you guys something. You know that truck driver, Dave, and he told that a couple years ago there was a GC-161 accident and some kid got doused with the chemical?
George: Yeah.
Alex: Well, that's true but he didn't tell you that... that kid was me.
George: What do you mean "it was you"?
Alex: It happened on my first day of 7th grade. Annie made sure I was OK, healthwise. I just have these side effects.
Barbara Mack: What kind of side effects?
Alex: Like this. (fires some electricity) And this. (floats pen in mid air, then morphs herself, then reforms, much to her parents' shock)
George: Well, why didn't you tell us?
Alex: Because we thought if you found out, that you'd lose your job and you'd tell Danielle and they'd come after me and cut me up, I don't know. We just thought it was best.
Barbara: You thought it was best to not tell us? You thought it was better to take care of this all by yourself? What were you girls thinking about?
Alex: I'm really fine, Mom! I just have these powers!
Barbara: (remorseful) We must be the most oblivious parents on the face of the Earth.
Alex: No, it was nothing you did, I was just really careful with them, you know.
George: Didn't we bring you up with the understanding that you could tell us anything, anytime? I just don't understand, Alex we could have helped you, we could have been there for you. And I could have stopped Danielle a long time ago.
Alex: I'm sorry Dad, but it really wasn't that bad. You probably can't understand this, but it was actually kind of fun.
George: Maybe it was Alex, but look at where we are now.

(Alex confronts Dave)
Alex Mack: You knew, didn't you? You knew this whole time that it was me, but you didn't say anything because you knew I didn't want you to.
Dave Watt: Yeah.
Alex: Thanks.
Dave: You're welcome. (Alex gives Dave a hug in gratitude)

Alex Mack: So, are you still going to hang out with me even without the powers?
Ray Alvarado: Yeah. I think you're stuck with me.

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