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The Loud House Season 4

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Casagrande Story Arc (Episodes 1–5… with the Casagrandes)Edit

Friended! (Episode 1)Edit

Ronnie Anne: Morning, Bruno, I'll have the Great Lakes City special, one dog dragged through the garden.
Bruno: You want a hot dog with the works, at 9 AM?
Ronnie Anne: Yup.
Bruno: [sighs] You sure I can't interest you in a danish or something?
[Ronnie Anne is making a displeased expression while the screen pans back to the girl behind her]
Sid: Excuse me, can I get one Great Lakes City Special?
Ronnie Anne: [she gestures towards her] See? This girl gets it. [She gives her a thumbs up as well. She takes the hot dog from Bruno and rides away.] Later, dude!

Episode 2Edit

Power Play (2.1)Edit

Room for Improvement (2.2)Edit

Episode 3Edit

Roll Model (3.1)Edit

Carl: That was the greatest rescue I have ever seen.
Ronnie Anne: Pfft. It was no big deal.
Mr. Nakamura: [grunting] You saved my baby. Thank you so much, Ronnie Anne.
Ronnie Anne: No problemo.
Carl: [gasps] That's exactly what El Falcón said.

No Show (3.2)Edit

Frida: Hurry, hurry! "Adiós, Ana, Adiós" is on!
Carl: Whoo! Yes! Telenovela time!
Sergio: [squawks] Mystery! Drama! Romance!
Carlota: Don't forget style. Obsessed with Ana's outfits.
Bobby: I'm gonna have to watch it in the mercado. My shift's about to start.
Maria: It's okay, mi'jito. We'll shout out the window about the juicy parts.
Bobby: Yes!
Hector: [rushes in] Did I miss it? Whoa! [Slips on Lalo's drool and makes Ronnie Anne fall to the floor] Ooh, sorry, mija.
Rosa: I'm glad you could tear yourself away from your gossip long enough to be here, viejito.
Hector: Who was gossiping? I was dealing with Maybelle. And you know what a difficult customer she is.
[Ronnie Anne is almost coming out of the living room, but Frida calls her]
Frida: Are you sure you don't want to join us, mija? The novela is getting really good!
Ronnie Anne: (shakes her head) Mm.
Carlos: Come on. Just give it a chance. It's a family tradition.
CJ: You can sit by me.
Ronnie Anne: Guys, I told you already. I'm not into telenovelas. Call me when the soccer match is on.
Rosa: Shh! How can you say no to this? [TV shows Ana sitting on a stool sewing a hat with her grandparents] That's our hero, Ana Ronalda. She's an orphan raised by her grandparents.

Hector: The bad guys want money, but the family doesn't have any, so they're taking Ana Ronalda.
Frida: [hugs her kids together, crying] This is why I make you kids carry a whistle!
Ronnie Anne: You guys, this show is so cheesy. Sorry, but you wouldn’t catch me watching it in a billion years.

Ronnie Anne: [schocked] That's it?! I need to know what happens next!
Sergio: [squaking] Somebody's hooked.

Episode 4Edit

Face the Music (4.1)Edit

Pranks for the Memories (4.2)Edit

Episode 5Edit

Store Wars (5.1)Edit

Lucha Fever (5.2)Edit

Episode 6Edit

Washed Up (6.1)Edit

Lynn: Whoo! Louds never quit!
Lola: Ahem, can you keep it down? We're watching TV.

Lincoln: No, Lily, home is this way.

Recipe for Disaster (6.2)Edit

Episode 7Edit

Present Tense (7.1)Edit

Any Given Sundae (7.2)Edit

Episode 8Edit

Can't Hardly Wait (8.1)Edit

A Mutt Above (8.2)Edit

Episode 9Edit

Love Birds (9.1)Edit

Mr. Grouse: Stop flurting with my lawn ornament, Loud!
[Walt looks down at the ornament and a fragment piece of the head cracks and breaks off; after realizing he falling in love with a plastic lawn ornament, he gasps as his whole body turns completely red of humiliation and embarrasment and flees to his bird house and closes the curtains]

Lincoln: Hey, where's Walt? The Dream Boat is on and he never misses an episode.
Leni: He's such a hopeless romantic.
Lana: [enters the living room; sighs disappointingly] I guess Walt's not coming today. I went out to get him, but he put a "Do Not Disturb" sign on his birdhouse.
Lincoln: Wait, are you saying Walt knows how to write?
Lana: Of course not, ding-dong. I know how to read canary.

Lucy: Thank you for your song, mourning dove. You’re really attuned to deep emotions.
[Charles, Cliff, & Geo imagine the relationship of Walt and the mourning dove would be; Walt asks out the dove and she starts singing an emotional coo, causing Walt to tear up and sob emotionally]

[Lisa and an owl play a game of chess up in a tree, the owl hoots as she moves a piece and declares...]
Lisa: Checkmate? How did I not see this? [amazingly impressed] Well played, madame.
[Charles, Cliff, and Geo vision of what Walt’s relationship with the owl will be; Walt chirps to the owl and she rotates her head 360 degrees and hoots, causing Walt to be grossed out and throw up; As the fantasy ends, Charles and Cliff are grossed out and about to vomit and shake their heads in disagreement, but Geo on the other hand, is very grossed out, he vomits inside his hamster ball and cleans it off with a squeegee]

Lincoln: Three of my orange polo shirts are missing.
Lana: I borrowed one to clean Vanzilla's oil, but I don't know what happened to the other two.
Lisa: I seem to be missing the space heater needed to warm my crocodile eggs.
Lynn Sr.: [calling] Your what now?!
Lisa: [quickly covers the crocodile eggs with a tarp] Never mind!

Leni: Has anyone seen the beach umbrella?
Lincoln: Leni, it's fall.
Leni: It is? Oh, then never mind.

Rocket Men (9.2)Edit

Episode 10Edit

A Grave Mistake (10.1)Edit

Lucy: Lincoln? What in Hades' handbag are you doing here?
Lincoln: Oh well, I was hoping to join you guys. I've really taken an interest in death lately. [notices a dead snake laying next to him; screams] Ah, a dead snake!

Leader of the Rack (10.2)Edit

Fiona: [groans unhappily] It's her. "Staff meeting as soon as you clock in from lunch."
Miguel: If that woman mentions boxes again, I'll scream!
Leni: [reading another text from Ms. Carmicheal] "And if you see any empty boxes on your way back from the food--"
[Miguel furiously crushes his drink and screams]

Episode 11Edit

Tails of Woe (11.1)Edit

Last Loud on Earth (11.2)Edit

Rita: So, where were you during the storm?
Lincoln: [chuckles nervously] Watching the marathon of "Swarm of the Zombies" in Lisa’s bunker.
Lisa: What?! Impossible! How did you crack my passcode?
Everyone: It’s your birthday.
Lisa: Dang it.
Rita: Normally, we would punish you for sneaking out of the house like that, but I think you’ve been through enough today.
Lynn Sr.: [very aghast] They’ve been through enough?! I’ve got melted cheese everywhere!

Episode 12Edit

Stall Monitor (12.1)Edit

Mrs. Johnson: Gotta run. I’m meeting my mother for vinyãsa yoga. [groans] She’s going to know I haven’t been practicing. Women can bend like a pretzel.

Lynn Sr.: Thanks for the assist, Mrs. Johnson. You are quite the yogie.
Rita: And you should come to my book club. We could use a fresh perspective.
Rusty: Oh, well, I... [sees the real Mrs. Johnson climbing in through the window; startled] Mrs. J! [tries to make a run for it but trips on the yoga mat]
Rita & Lynn Sr.: Rusty?
Mrs. Johnson: [walks angrily towards Rusty] What is going on, Mr. Spokes?!
Lincoln: Wait! [hits his head under the desk] Ow! This isn't his fault, it's mine.
Rita & Lynn Sr.: Lincoln?
Lincoln: I've been stalling the conferences all night because I was afraid of what Mrs. Johnson was going to tell you about me. I'm so sorry, Mrs. J. And I’ll accept whatever punishment you think I deserve.
Mrs. Johnson: I think a week's detention should do the trick.
Rita: Followed by a week of being grounded at home.
[Lincoln sighs sadly]
Lynn Sr.: So Mrs. Johnson, what were you gonna tell us about Lincoln?
Mrs. Johnson: Oh! Only that he's a very resourceful and creative student. [thinks for a second] And tonight, in a weird way, proves that.
[Lynn Sr. and Rita smile to each other]
Lincoln: [smiles with satisfaction] I'll take it.
Rusty: Well, you all have a good evening.
Mrs. Johnson: Ah, ah, hold on Mr. Spokes. I’m afraid you’ve earned a little punishment yourself.

A Pimple Plan (12.2)Edit

Kings of the Con (Episode XIII)Edit

Episode 14Edit

Good Sports (14.1)Edit

Geriantics (14.2)Edit

Episode 15Edit

Exchange of Heart (15.1)Edit

Community Disservice (15.2)Edit

Episode 16Edit

Deep Cuts (16.1)Edit

Lincoln: [enters Lori and Leni’s room] Hey guys, dinner time. Tonight, Chef Lynn has prepared his spicy signature tuna cassero... [Lori, Luna, and Luan stare angrily at him] Oh-kay. I’m just gonna go.

Game Off (16.2)Edit

Episode 17Edit

Write and Wrong (17.1)Edit

Rita: Hi, Jesse.
Jesse: What’s going on, Rita? Have your children been bitten by rabid raccoons or something?
Lana: Oh, if only.
Rita: No. This is how we really are. What you saw at my house was an act.
Jesse: [upset] But, the muffins, the song, the matching outfits?
Rita: [shakes her head] All fake. I knew you wanted a perfect parent, and I wanted the job so... [exhales sadly] I’m not a perfect parent. I tried to do my best, and some days are great, but some days are more than I can handle. Parenting is my favorite job, but it’s also the hardest. I’m sorry I misled you.
Jesse: [not happy of being lied to] I’m sorry too. Clearly, you are not right for the column. This just in; you’re fired.
Male Member: Now, hold on, Jesse. I love what she just said.
Female Member: Yeah, parenting is hard! I wish that was in the column.
Jesse: Really? You relate to this?
Male Member: Yeah, the other day it took 40 minutes to get my kids in the car.
Jesse: Hmm, well, I guess you’d know better than me, I don’t even have kids. [laughs]
Lori: Does that mean our mom isn’t fired?
Jesse: [to the Loud kids] This just in; your mom can keep her job!

Purrfect Gig (17.2)Edit

Luna: [chuckles] I guess dinner’s on me.

Episode 18Edit

Singled Out (18.1)Edit

Brave the Last Dance (18.2)Edit

Episode 19Edit

Sister Act (19.1)Edit

Lola: Don’t call anyone.
Lana: This isn’t their fault, this is on- Ow! us.
Lynn Sr.: What do you mean?
Lana: I didn’t wanna go to the dentist.
Lola: And I didn’t wanna go to the doctor, so we...
Twins: Kind of switched places.
Rita: Kind of?
Lola: Kind of... totally? Actually, we’ve been doing it for a couple of days now to get out of all sorts of stuff.
Lynn Sr.: [unhappy] Your mother and I are not happy that you two have been lying.
Rita: No, we’re not. You’re not babies anymore, and sometimes you have to do things you don’t necessarily like or want to.
Lynn Sr.: Like plucking nose hairs, or visiting Aunt Ruth. [Rita stares annoyingly at him] Ah. But part of growing up is being responsible and doing those things.
Lola: You’re right.
Lana: We’re sorry.

House Flip (19.2)Edit

Lynn Sr.: Flip?!
Rita: [comes up the stairs] Flip?! Is that my lotion?!
Lynn Sr.: Is that my robe?! Wh-what's going on here?!
Lori: We had an accident with Vanzilla and Flip got hut.
Leni: And since it was our fault, we've all been taking good care of him.
Lincoln: But we knew if you found out, we'd lose our diving privileges. So we had to hide him in the attic.
Lynn Sr.: [very unhappy] Getting into another accident is one thing, but lying to us is a whole other level.
Rita: Your driving privileges are suspended indefinitely.
Siblings: We're sorry.

Episode 20Edit

Don't You Fore-get About Me (20.1)Edit

Tough Cookies (20.2)Edit

Episode 21Edit

On Thin Ice (21.1)Edit

Room and Hoard (21.2)Edit

Episode 22Edit

A Star is Scorned (22.1)Edit

Senior Moment (22.2)Edit

Episode 23Edit

Wheel and Deal (23.1)Edit

Feast or Family (23.2)Edit

Episode 24Edit

A Dark and Story Night (24.1)Edit

Robot: Crystal shards. We are in desperate need of those. Is there any way you might surrender them?
Trixie: Pfft. These crystal kicks give me the speed I need to succeed. No way I’m giving them up.

Triton: We summon the Dominic Dunkster!
Dominic: [rises up from the ritual] Sigh.
Princess DeLola: Mr. Dunkster sir, can you please help us beat an alien in a dunk contest?
Dominic: Anything for my fans.
Robot: Alright large, athletic, bipedal, let the competition commence.

Robot: The mermaid only needs enough power to charge her phone. What if we provide her with an alternate source of electricity? [looks around and spots some wood nearby] Eureka!

Sand Hassles (24.2)Edit

Episode 25Edit

How Double Dare You! (25.1)Edit

Snoop's On (25.2)Edit

Leni: Sorry, Lincoln.
Lincoln: Uh, can I help you, Leni?
Leni: I’m supposed to read a novel for English, but Lily’s using all of them to build a fort. [finds a purple book with a guitar on the front under the chair] Ooh, found one. Also a green bagel.
Lana: I’ll take that.
Leni: Cool. The main character’s names Luna, and she’s got a sister named Luan, and a brother named Lincoln.
Lincoln: Wait, what? Let me see that. [Leni hands him the book, and he gasps in horrified realization and shuts it] This isn’t a book, it’s a diary; Luna’s diary! You can’t read this.
Leni: O, M, gosh, of course not, I’d never invade her privacy like that. Though, I do kinda wonder that big secret she was referring to.
Lincoln: Big secret?

Lincoln: [sighs with relief] That was close.
Leni: I know. Can you imagine how upset Luna would be if she knew we read her diary?
Lincoln: Well, technically, you're the one who found it.
Leni: Hey!
Lincoln: Okay, okay, so we both read it, but that was an accident, and as long as we don't ready any more of it, we're good.
Leni: No matter what big secret she's keeping from the whole family.
Lincoln: Right.

Lincoln: I can’t believe this. Luna’s been skipping school?!
Leni: And who is this "Roxy" girl? She sounds like a bad influence, we should go talk to Luna right now.

Lincoln: Last stop, town hall. We gotta get there before Luna can steal the big R!
[As Lincoln, Leni, and Luan arrive...]
Leni Too late!
Mr. Coconuts: Oh-no! The five O! Let's split before we get busted for tresspassing!
Lincoln: No! We have to save Luna.
Luan: Oh, but then she'll know we read her diary!
Lincoln: We have no choice. Stop!
Mr. Coconuts: Don't throw your life away!
Luna: [surprised] Huh? What are you guys doin' here?
Lincoln, Leni, & Luan: We read your diary!
Luna: [shocked with fury] You WHAT?! [angrily slides down the ladder]
Leni: We're really sorry for invading your privacy, and we totes get it if you hate us forever, but we couldn't let you ruin your life.
Luna: [as her anger turns to laughter] Duh, I knew you dudes were snoopin' in on my diary, that's why I made this whole rebellious act up.
Lincoln, Leni, & Luan: [shocked] What?!

Episode 26Edit

Friends in Dry Places (26.1)Edit

Coupe Dreams (26.2)Edit

Leni: Lori, what's wrong?
Lori: I was literally fired from every one of my new jobs. And the worst part is, after all of that hard work, I only have $500 to show for it. [sighs sadly] Now there's no way I'll be able to buy my dream car. Maybe I should have been more realistic.

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