The Loud House/Season 4

season of television series

The Loud House Season 4

Casagrande Story Arc (Episodes 1–5)

Friended! with the Casagrandes (Episode 1)

Ronnie Anne: Morning, Bruno, I'll have the Great Lakes City special, one dog dragged through the garden.
Bruno: You want a hot dog with the works, at 9 AM?
Ronnie Anne: Yup.
Bruno: [sighs] You sure I can't interest you in a danish or something?
[Ronnie Anne is making a displeased expression while the screen pans back to the girl behind her]
Sid: Excuse me, can I get one Great Lakes City Special?
Ronnie Anne: [she gestures towards her] See? This girl gets it. [She gives her a thumbs up as well. She takes the hot dog from Bruno and rides away.] Later, dude!

Episode 2

Power Play with the Casagrandes (2.1)

Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes (2.2)

Episode 3

Roll Model with the Casagrandes (3.1)

Carl: That was the greatest rescue I have ever seen.
Ronnie Anne: Pfft. It was no big deal.
Mr. Nakamura: [grunting] You saved my baby. Thank you so much, Ronnie Anne.
Ronnie Anne: No problemo.
Carl: [gasps] That's exactly what El Falcón said.

No Show with the Casagrandes (3.2)

Frida: Hurry, hurry! "Adiós, Ana, Adiós" is on!
Carl: Whoo! Yes! Telenovela time!
Sergio: [squawks] Mystery! Drama! Romance!
Carlota: Don't forget style. Obsessed with Ana's outfits.
Bobby: I'm gonna have to watch it in the mercado. My shift's about to start.
Maria: It's okay, mi'jito. We'll shout out the window about the juicy parts.
Bobby: Yes!
Hector: [rushes in] Did I miss it? Whoa! [Slips on Lalo's drool and makes Ronnie Anne fall to the floor] Ooh, sorry, mija.
Rosa: I'm glad you could tear yourself away from your gossip long enough to be here, viejito.
Hector: Who was gossiping? I was dealing with Maybelle. And you know what a difficult customer she is.
[Ronnie Anne is almost coming out of the living room, but Frida calls her]
Frida: Are you sure you don't want to join us, mija? The novela is getting really good!
Ronnie Anne: (shakes her head) Mm.
Carlos: Come on. Just give it a chance. It's a family tradition.
CJ: You can sit by me.
Ronnie Anne: Guys, I told you already. I'm not into telenovelas. Call me when the soccer match is on.
Rosa: Shh! How can you say no to this? [TV shows Ana sitting on a stool sewing a hat with her grandparents] That's our hero, Ana Ronalda. She's an orphan raised by her grandparents.

Hector: The bad guys want money, but the family doesn't have any. So, they're taking Ana Ronalda.
Frida: [hugs her kids together, crying] This is why I make you kids carry a whistle!
Ronnie Anne: You guys, this show is so cheesy. Sorry, but you wouldn’t catch me watching it in a billion years.

Ronnie Anne: [schocked] That's it?! I need to know what happens next!
Sergio: [squaking] Somebody's hooked.

Episode 4

Face the Music with the Casagrandes (4.1)

Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes (4.2)

Episode 5

Store Wars with the Casagrandes (5.1)

Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes (5.2)

Episode 6

Washed Up (6.1)

Lynn: Whoo! Louds never quit!
Lola: Ahem, can you keep it down? We're watching TV.

Lincoln: No, Lily, home is this way.

Recipe for Disaster (6.2)

Episode 7

Present Tense (7.1)

Any Given Sundae (7.2)

Episode 8

Can't Hardly Wait (8.1)

A Mutt Above (8.2)

Episode 9

Love Birds (9.1)

Rocket Men (9.2)

Episode 10

A Grave Mistake (10.1)

Lucy: Lincoln? What in Hades' handbag are you doing here?
Lincoln: Oh well, I was hoping to join you guys. I've really taken an interest in death lately. [notices a dead snake laying next to him; screams] Ah, a dead snake!

Leader of the Rack (10.2)

Leni: I was wondering if we can split the dumpling combo?

Episode 11

Tails of Woe (11.1)

Last Loud on Earth (11.2)

Episode 12

Stall Monitor (12.1)

A Pimple Plan (12.2)

Kings of the Con (Episode 13)

Episode 14

Good Sports (14.1)

Geriantics (14.2)

Episode 15

Exchange of Heart (15.1)

Community Disservice (15.2)

Episode 16

Deep Cuts (16.1)

Game Off (16.2)

Episode 17

Write and Wrong (17.1)

Purrfect Gig (17.2)

Episode 18

Singled Out (18.1)

Brave the Last Dance (18.2)

Episode 19

Sister Act (19.1)

House Flip (19.2)

Episode 20

Don't You Fore-get About Me (20.1)

Tough Cookies (20.2)

Episode 21

On Thin Ice (21.1)

Room and Hoard (21.2)

Episode 22

A Star is Scorned (22.1)

Senior Moment (22.2)

Episode 23

Wheel and Deal (23.1)

Feast or Family (23.2)

Episode 24

A Dark and Story Night (24.1)

Sand Hassles (24.2)

Episode 25

How Double Dare You! (25.1)

Snoop's On (25.2)

Episode 26

Friends in Dry Places (26.1)

Coupe Dreams (26.2)