The Grand Tour (2016 TV series)

TV show about cars

The Grand Tour is a British motoring factual entertainment television series distributed by Amazon.

Season 1Edit

2 December 2016 [1.3]Edit

[explaining a traditional "Grand Tour"]
Hammond: It was like an eighteenth-century Cannonball Run, only with old-fashioned morphine instead of cocaine.

3 February 2017 [1.13]Edit

[on James May having received government subsidies for his electric vehicle]
Clarkson: [to the tune of ‘Dennis Moore’] James May, James May, stealing from the rich. James May, James May, stealing from the poor. He steals from the rich, he steals from the poor. And wants more, wants it all. That's [normally] It nearly works.

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

12 April 2019 [3.14]Edit

[ranting about his father's Austin Allegro estate from when he was a child]
Hammond: It's cars like this, it's secrets, dark secrets like this lurking in people's pasts that create serial killers and psychopaths. It's a bloody miracle I'm not one! It's not being short that makes me an angry man, or being born in Birmingham. It's this! It's you!


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