The Getaway (1972 film)

1972 film by Sam Peckinpah

The Getaway is a 1972 film about a recently released ex-con and his loyal wife who go on the run after a heist goes awry.

Directed by Sam Peckinpah. Written by Walter Hill, based on the novel by Jim Thompson.
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Jack Benyon

  • You run the job, but I run the show.


Rudy Butler: That's a walk-in bank. You don't have to be Dillinger for this one.
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Dillinger got killed.
Rudy Butler: Not in a bank.

Laughlin: What's the cat's name.
Fran Clinton: Poor Little Harold.
Laughlin: Strange name for a cat.

Carter 'Doc' McCoy: If you're trying to get me back in Huntsville, you're going about it the right way.
Carol Ainsley McCoy: Well I just wouldn't worry about that Doc, because I can always get you out, you know I can screw every prison official in Texas if I have to!
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Texas is a big state.
Carol Ainsley McCoy: I can handle it.
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Yeah, I bet you can.

[Doc has killed five men at a hotel near the Mexican border and carjacked a cowboy in his pickup]
Cowboy: Ya know, if I's you kids what I'd do? I'd quit this runnin' around the country. Ya know, git a little bit a money together 'n, hell, buy a place 'n settle down 'n raise a family. I've been married for 35 years, same old gal; man she's a tough ol' hide. God dang, everything I am, I owe ta her.
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Say a, pull over over here would ya?
Cowboy: Okay, whatever you say. [Pulls over] Now what?
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Let's get out a spell.
[Cowboy and Doc get out of the truck. Doc and Carol exchange glances and smile at each other]
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: How much money did you make last year?
Cowboy: Aw, reckon about five thousand.
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Suppose I give you ten thousand for that truck of yours?
Cowboy: You're serious?
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: I am.
Cowboy: An'a I keep ma' mouth shut, an' I don't say nothin' 'bout the truck, 'n I never seen either one a the two of ya.
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: That's what I want.
[Carol counts out some hundreds]
Cowboy: How 'bout twenty?
[Doc smiles and laughs]
Carol Ainsley McCoy: How 'bout thirty?
Cowboy: God damn, ma'am, you got a deal!
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Pay the man, honey.
[Carol pays the cowboy]
Cowboy: Thank ya, ma'am.
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Now you're gonna have to walk on back to the border.
Cowboy: Oh that's alright. Don't worry 'bout me.
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: Hope you find what you're lookin' for.
[Shakes hands with the Cowboy]
Cowboy: Vaya con Dios. You too, maam. [Walks away] Take care, ya hear? God damn! [laughing and walking]
Carter 'Doc' McCoy: [to Carol] Come on. [they drive off]

Carter 'Doc' McCoy: [after arriving at the rendezvous] Where's Jackson?
Rudy Butler: He didn't make it. Neither did you. [pulls his gun]
[Doc shoots Rudy]

Carter 'Doc' McCoy: [referring to Carol scratching her leg] I told you to cut that out! This isn't a game!
Carol Ainsley McCoy: It's all a game!


  • They're Hot.
  • They're Hot - McQueen/MacGraw
  • It takes two to make it ......... The big two.


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