The Fixies: Top Secret

2017 Russian animated movie

The Fixies: Top Secret



  • Super!
  • Verda, catch that!
  • And so, you can at least anywhere to go? (originally "fly anywhere?")
  • Well, what have I done!...


  • Did you call All-Freekazoid?
  • I'm not even Fire, I'm the FireWork!
  • Not wreckie, this fixie is the next generation, and want you something to fix, it is necessary first to wreck it! When fixing is so boring, I like wrecking!
  • Hello, your faults! I'm everywhere! (in the trailer "I'm just irresistible!")
  • This school is junk, and everything there is JUNK! We will make room for the laboratories! ZAPP!
  • Heyeyey! And why you don't wreck anything? All you FAILED and parents to school!
  • Oh! In that lightsphere I'm just irresistible.
  • Well, you clowns! Better than the circus! You forgot to say TIDEESH/TYIDYISHCH!
  • I need an outlet, at least one outleetie!


  • But I've got in mathematic sphere — I didn't not understand something... (freely not included in the movie!)
  • That's just Tom-Thomas' fathe remained the videos, and ALL of us — are on it!...


  • You can show yourself, that is Proffered Eugenius!


  • — 'Just a screw', you say? — Sorry employee guy, it's just a perfect secrecy!
  • — Why you scared Elisa again here?! What to do when fixie... — I know, I Know! Again, I want the screw to turn? First you — catch me up!
  • — The fire that changed his mind! Give bracelets! — To give shiny? They are MINE! Well, you don't even know what they can do with in practice! Learn it cause knowledge is light!
  • — Fire, don't dare this! — Ha-ha-ha! Such a big guy here, and you're all playing the toys here!
  • — Nolik? ...and this stupid outlet... What have you done here?! — I turned off the electricity...TIDEESH! — Nolik turned off the 'FireWorkCity'. — Nolik is back now!


Character USA
Fire Thomas Middleditch
Firework Jodi Eichelberger
Digit Bill Nye the Science Guy
Grandpus Danny DeVito
Proffered Eugenius Ed Helms


The screwEdit


Eenie, meenie, whity know!

Got a fixie's on a row!

And no one of appliance works

Cause it seems to FireWorks!

If you think that fixie's nothing,---