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The Edge

Irish rock musician, guitar player of U2

On performing at Live 8Edit

  • "We don't want to murder Sgt. Pepper." (2005) (Referring to the band's duet with Paul McCartney)

On religionEdit

  • "I have no trouble with Christ, but I have trouble with a lot of Christians."

On pop musicEdit

  • "For me, that term "pop" is like a candy bar. You buy it because you like it, you eat it, and then you throw it away. It has no long-term meaning or value." (1985)

On being a musicianEdit

  • "I don't feel that attached to my instruments. It's almost like I'm going to dominate them in some sort of way. I don't feel like they're part of me; they stand between me and something new."
  • "Whenever I start working on a song, I immediately try to forget everything, to empty my hands and head of anything that may be hanging over from another song or album."

On being in U2Edit

  • "It's a very unusual thing to be in a band like this. It's like being in a street gang. And it's all very well being in a street gang when you're 16, but it's bloody weird when you're 32."

Acceptance speech at the Grammy'sEdit

  • "Wow. Well on a personal level this century has been going so well for us, we finished our album, I had a little baby boy a little while ago, the whole Jubilee 2000 work has been incredible, just everything has been going great. There's also been some great breakthroughs in science, the disposible mobile phone, 3 blade razor and the female orgasmatron which is great - anyway now this . . . thanks everybody our record company has been great, our management have been great and our producer's amazing." (2001)

On U2's nineties reinventionEdit

  • "This is the nineties."

Looking Back on Achtung Baby sessions, 2002Edit

  • "There's four evil motherfuckers in U2. I think we would've broken up years ago if there'd been any pansies in the band."

On dancingEdit

  • "My room overlooks the park and yesterday during the afternoon I'd opened up all the blinds and taken back the curtains so I could look out over the park. Come nightfall, I was grooving to some rap record in my room, bopping around the room for maybe half an hour. I don't know what I was doing, just messing around...and at one stage I looked out of the window and there were about 200 people looking up, clapping, applauding my dancing. That was funny."
  • "I'm not sure if Irish people can dance.... except for The Edge, that is, who is our own funky chicken." (Bono on Edge's dancing)

On familyEdit

  • "It's a terrible cliche, but they are the most important thing in my life. More than any album. They're where it's at." (2001) (about wife Morleigh and his children)

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