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JUnior:What's the deal with win? Kris: Where's molly Junior: I don't care Kris: well u should, because you have lipstick all over your face Junior: you know i dont,...let's talk

Junior: did she say he was an old friend? Mat: no, an old old, OLD friend JUnior: think theres a difference Matt: i hope so

Junior: I think i'm in love with you Kris:[pause] can't don't even know me Junior: But i will get to kno you...and i won't quit. We jack russels are a pretty determined breed

Junior:Kris, please don't go...i love you

Junior:I just thought i'd roadtest that porsche on every surface before i sold it Matt: Thats so stupid, theres so much mud back there Junior: I know Dani: Maybe you didn't think you could sell it, so you wrecked it Junior: Thanks Dr. Phil, but i need the money

Kerry: Do you mind if i take Kris from you JUnior: I do, but here you go, thanks for the dance [to Kirs]

Kerry: Am I interupting something? Junior: No we were... Kris: We were just... Junior: Ahh, i'll see you later

Junior: Party time, whats on tab? Avril Lavine Matt: No! I created this.

Junior: Well, Dinners off the agenda, so what do you wanna do? Kris:[smiles and leanes in to kiss him]

Evan: I think your just upset because your mothers not some princess from Barcelona Dani: that is so not the point, i can't beleive youd say that Look, i know your really smart and everything, but sometimes you just miss the point

Junior:By the way i really like that guy Evan Matt: I really like Evan Kris: Evan seems really- Dani: Nice! get over it

Dani: I've never told that to anyone before Evan: Thats because you know I'm safe

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