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"Come The Time Of Peril, Did The Ground Gape, And Did The Dead Rest Unquiet 'Gainst Us. Our Bands Of Iron And Hammers Of Stone Prevailed Not, And Some Did Doubt The Builder's Plan. But The Seals Held Strong, And The Few Did Triumph, And The Doubters Were Lain Into The Foundations Of The New Sanctum." -Collected Letters Of The Smith-In-Exile

- this was in Thief 2 miscellanneous section, but it is already in Thief 1 miscellaneous section, and as a player of the game i know it belongs to Thief 1, quite certainly not Thief 2. I deleted it. - Haigejobu(Haigejobu 15:21, 26 September 2006 (UTC))

I added the following to the miscellanneous section for The Dark Project. It exists as a plaque on the wall outside the thieves guild in the Gold Edition. I think it sums up the overal theme of the game nicely:

"We chose our profession in defiance of the greed of the monarchy. We will not live for the sake of taxes to fatten the nobles pockets. We choose to live the only life available to those who would be truly free. We are thieves." -Wall Plaque in the Thieves Guild

You can see a screen shot of it here:

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