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King of the Hill (season 6)

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Fun with Jane and Jane [6.17]
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:''Luanne and other girls enter Omega House. One member takes Luanne's luggage but a van pulls up and two men grab her and force her inside''
:'''Mother''': Oh Lisa, you needmy! These men are here to get you back to normal.
:'''Lisa''': Who is Lisa? My name is Jane.
:'''Deprogrammer #1''': Do not worry young lady, all will be OK. Thank God we got her.
:'''Deprogrammer #2''': Yeah, it was a lucky break. This cult has lawyers up the ying-yang.
:''Van drives off. Luanne enters Omega House''
:'''Luanne''': Omega House, party, woo hoo!
===''My Own Private Rodeo'' [6.18]===