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Cartoon Quotes
:'''Simon'''{composed tone}: I mean, what is the worry? It is just a simple Video Virus.
:'''Dr. Light''': Not to Kevin. Because he is not a native of Videoland, he was not immunized to it as we were.
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:''Town in Alfregard. A man carrying spears and wearing a suit of armor is walking outside a shop. Inside, Princess Lana and Kevin are dismayed to see bare shelves''
:'''Shopkeeper''': I have seen villians come, I have seen them go. But Dragonlord is the worst of them all! Everybody has been stocking up for his attack.
:'''Kevin''': So that bottle of fairy water is all you have left?
:'''Lana''': Guess we should go.
:'''Shopkeeper''': Wait! A powerful treasure has been hidden. ''Pulls out map'' But you will need to brave the cave of the Axe Knight to get it!
:''Lana places gold on counter; shopkeeper sells them his last item, the fairy water''
:''Later, in the cave, they are about to get the treasure when the Axe Knight appears and swings at them''
:'''Kevin''': Wait, Tin Man, pause! ''Kevin presses pause button, freezing enemies. Axe barely missed him'' Now that is what I call a close shave!
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