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King of the Hill (season 13)

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What Happens at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis Stays at the National Propane Gas Convention in Memphis [13.09]
:'''Hank''': ''(Hank walks onto the stage drunk and knocks down the emcee)'' I'm not gonna say... Hell, I am gonna say what I have been wanting to say. Buck Strickland is a monster, a drunk monster. Buck Strickland is nothing but a lecherous, disgusting bastard-making bastard. ''(slurred gibberish)'' And now, I'm going to vomit. ''(he vomits on a guest's head)''
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:''Conference room. Hank is made to attend a discipinary hearing about his public drunken behavior''
:'''Pollard Wigand''': Mr. Hill, your guilt hardly seems to be an issue. So we can move right on to the punishment phase, which, as a preview, will be severe.
:'''Hank Hill''': Indeed sir, I cannot begin to say how sorry I am.
:''Phone rings''
:'''Pollard Wigand''': Hello? Buck? Well, we are in the middle of a hearing...Like the one in 1984? ''Consortium members perk up'' OK then! ''hangs up'' Gentlemen, that was Buck Strickland. His "hospitality suite" is open.
:'''Mr. Kuykendall''': Like the one in ''84?
:'''Pollard Wigand''': Mr. Hill, the board needs to adjourn to...uh, caucus about your case. You stay put.
:'''Hank Hill''': I will not move a muscle.
:''Buck has set up a "hospitality suite", consisting of liquor and hookers for the men of the Propane Gas Consortium''
:'''Pollard Wigand''': I am in my third term as President of the Propane Gas Consortium. ''Prostitute giggles''
:''Buck's room. Consortium is with hookers''
:'''Buck''': Well, now that everyone's got a pretty girl on his lap, I would like to discuss leniency for my employee, Hank Hill.
:'''Pollard Wigand''': Setup! Everybody run!
:'''Buck''': Ray Roy, lock the door.
:''Jody secures door, hookers wrestle men to ground as Buck snaps a photo''
:'''Pollard Wigand''': You win, Buck.
:''Buck gives signal to his son, who uses cellphone''
:'''Peggy''''' {on cell phone}:'' Y'ello?
:'''Jody Strickland''': Get their hair done.
:''Peggy and the wives of the Texas Propane Gas Commissioners walks past Buck's suite''
:''Conference room. Consortium members are seated again, with Buck standing behind them''
:'''Pollard Wigand''': Mr. Hill, we had a chance to go over the case with your employer, Buck Strickland. He convinced us that while your actions last night were wrong; you are contrite about it, and that your actions over the past twenty years more than atone for it. He was ''very'' persuasive. As a result, the board has unanimously approved Mr. Strickland's nomination for membership in the Propane Hall of Flame.
:''Buck presents Hank with a "rainbow blazer"''
:'''Hank Hill''': I am in the Hall of Flame too?
:''Board members shake Hank's hand, as does Buck''
:'''Pollard Wigand''': Congratulations, Hank.
:'''Hank Hill''': Thank you!
:'''Buck Strickland''': No, thank you, Ol' Top. All of propane owed you a debt.
===''Master of Puppets'' [13.10]===