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The Mask (film)

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:'''Eddie''': What do we do with Ipkiss?
:'''Dorian Tyrell''': The police are looking for The Mask. So we'll give them The Mask. ''(He laughs evily)''
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:'''Tina''': Will you kiss me before you go?
:'''Eddie''': Boss, we have to get out of here, the bomb is about to blow!
:'''Dorian Tyrell'''{as Mask}: There is always time for one last kiss!
:''Prepares to kiss a bound Tina''
:'''Tina''': No, I want it with the Dorian I used to love.
:''Dorian removes mask and reverts to his human self''
:'''Dorian Tyrell''': OK baby, here I am.
:''Dorian and Tina kiss passionately. Tina takes advantage of distraction to kick mask towards Stanley''
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