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Married... with Children

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She's Having My Baby: Part 2 [6.2]
:'''Al''': Really?? How come?
:'''Jefferson''': It was the baby convention that did it. All those swollen bellies and screaming infants proved too much for me.
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:''Waitress in a low-cut leotard is in bar, gaining men's attention''
:'''Waitress''': Beer! Candy! Forged backgrounds!
:'''Al''': How much would it be to get a background of a retired NFL player?
:'''Waitress''': $200.
:'''Al''': Rats, too expensive! What can I get for $1?
:'''Waitress''': The background of a shoe salesman from Illinois.
:'''Al''': Just give me some gum. ''Waitress departs'' I do not need a forged background; I can invent my own. My new name will be...''Al unwraps gum''...Bazooka Joe!
:'''Jefferson''': Good one. I can reinvent myself as...''Jefferson looks at beer can''...Anheuser Busch!
===''If Al Had A Hammer [6.3]''===