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The Tudors

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Destiny and Fortune [2.10]
=== Destiny and Fortune [2.10] ===
:''Charles Brandon enters the jail cell of his nemesis, Thomas Boleyn]''
:'''Thomas Boleyn''': Am I...Am I to be tried?
:'''Charles Brandon''': No, you are to be released.
:''Thomas Boleyn smiles but tries to conceal his glee by covering his mouth with his hand]''
:'''Charles Brandon''': But...Your Majesty commands that since you no longer have his trust and affection; that you are to be stripped forthwith of all your official purses and titles. You will no longer serve under the Privy Council, you will relinquish the role of Lord Privy Seal and all its privileges. His Majesty also desires that you leave court and that you never show yourself in his presence again on pain of death.
:'''Thomas Boleyn''': So I am to keep my Earldom?
:''[Charles is so outraged by such a nonchalant attitude that he throws aside the table, grabs Boleyn by his shirt and slams him against the wall]''
:'''Charles Brandon''': Did you watch your son die?! What about your daughter, will you watch her suffer? Will you watch her die?! Tell me, Boleyn, was it all worth it?!