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Wings (NBC TV series)

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:'''Helen''': Well, at least that gives me some satisfaction!
:'''Joe''': Yeah, well, at least when I am in the plane I get some sense of movement!
== Season 3 ==
=== ''The Bogey Men'' ===
:'''Helen''': Antonio, I did not know you played guitar.
:'''Antonio''': Barely; I started a few months ago. I only know one song.
:'''Helen''': Then play that.
:'''Antonio''': It is a folk song I used to hear back in my native Italy. For a long time it was the only English I knew.
:''Antonio strums guitar''
:'''Antonio'''{singing}: My goat knows the bowling score, alleluia. My goat knows the bowling score, al-lay-loo-hoo-hoo-hoo-ya.
== Season 7 ==