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Alvin and the Chipmunks (TV Series)

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Nightmare on Seville Street
:'''Simon''': Hideous Harold cut the power!
:'''Alvin''': And the phone's dead!
:''Chipmunks attack "Hideous Harold" and finally trap him in a tree''
:'''Dave''': ALVIN!!! Get me down from here!
:'''Alvin & Theodore''': Dave???
:''Chipmunks' bedroom. Dave demands to get to the bottom of why they tried to attack him''
:'''Alvin''': We theatre-hopped into the horror movie. It is all my fault Dave.
:'''Dave''': No it is not.
:''Alvin looks surprised''
:'''Dave''': Alvin suggested, and Simon and Theodore went along. It is the fault of all of you. But it is over now. And I will give you something that will help you boys to remember to go only to movies I pay for in the future.
:'''Theodore''': I wonder what we will get?
:''Following morning. Storm has passed as it is now sunny and electrical power has been restored to the Seville residence. The Chipmunks get their "do not forget gift" from Dave''
:'''Chipmunks'''{in unison}: Housework all day??
:''Theodore is washing windows, Alvin is vacuuming and Simon is dusting''
:'''Theodore''': Oh well, at least I now know it was a story, it was a fake and it will not happen. So I have no more reason to be scared.
:'''Alvin''': Haw! You even admit you were scared? I was never scared at all!
:''While vacuuming, Alvin bumps into TV set, turning it on and causing Hideous Harold to appear''
:'''Alvin''': He found us!
:''Alvin hides behind couch in fright while Simon and Theodore laugh''
:'''Simon''': That was just an advertisement. For ''Hideous Harold''...Part XII.
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