Seyran Shahsuvaryan

Seyran Shahsuvaryan

Seyran Nickolai Shahsuvaryan, (born August 13, 1953) is Army Colonel of the RA. In 1974, he went through training in Moscow's Taganka theatre. He served from 1975-1976 in the Armed Forces of the USSR. From 1970 to 1993, he worked in the TV films (Yerevan), studio of the State of TV and Radio. In 1993, he became head of the culture department, and later the head of information and press departments, respectively, of the Defence Minister of the RA. In 1998, he was appointed the head of the TV studio (Nork). In 2000, he became the head of the TV studio (Prometei). And in 2001, he was appointed the Press Secretary of the Defence Minister of the RA. He is a member of the RA Union of Cinematographers and Journalists. Shahsuvaryan has been rewarded with medals such as "Marshal Baghramyan 100" (Memorial Medal), "Garegin Nzdeh" (Fighting Service), First, Second Degree "Exceptional Service", by Fridtjof Nansen medal.


  • Turkish Army chief of General Staff General Huseyin Kivrikoglu's statement that Armenia has weapons of mass destruction is an absurd attempt to compromise Armenia in the eyes of the international community.
    • [about Kivrikoglu's incorrect accusations, January 7, 2002]
  • The exercise is targeted at development of cooperation between the NATO member-sates and the servicemen participating in Partnership for Peace Program as well as perfection of joint command in NATO peacekeeping operations. Military from Azerbaijan, Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Lithuania, Canada, UK, Georgia and Finland are expected to take part in the maneuvers.
    • [about the participation of Armenia's military in NATO exercise Cooperative Best Effort, May 30, 2005]
  • I can’t comment on nonsense. To announce support of Levon Ter-Petrossian, the officials Ter-Petrossian mentioned [Grigoryan and Melkonyan] should hand in their resignations. I do not possess any information on their resignation.
    • [2008]
  • The general number of the Armenian peacekeepers, who took part in "Operation: Iraqi Freedom," totaled 182. Yesterday the fourth shift of Armenian peacekeepers was sent to Iraq. It includes 3 staff officers, 2 medical officers, 10 combat engineers and 31 drivers.
    • [July 24, 2006]
  • The equipment that comes to Armenia from the Russian bases in Georgia goes to the 102nd Russian base in Gyumri. The equipment is delivered to the base in order to replace missing equipment and it is at the Russian side’s disposal. The Armenian side has nothing to do with these weapons.
    • [about false statements made by Azerbaijani Defence Minister Safar Abiyev, September 11, 2007]
  • Armenia has never bought weapons from Albania and is not going to. The information spread by the APA agency is a lie from the beginning to the end.
    • [about false accusations, July 7, 2007]
  • The hearsay that by a decree of the Armenian Defense Ministry men aged 18-45 are prohibited from leaving the republic does not correspond to reality. The hearsay that the Armenian Armed Forces hold unscheduled call-up is false. The persons, who have already served their military service, are not conscripted in Armenia.
    • [March 18, 2006]
  • We have bought nothing from Albania. This report is nothing but another 'hoax' of the Turkish-Azerbaijani propaganda machine.
    • [July 26, 2007]

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  • If Manvel Grigorian himself does not deny in any way that he has joined Levon Ter-Petrossian's team...does Defense Ministry spokesman Seyran Shahsuvaryan have the right to deny it?!
    • [Miasnik Malkhasian, February 22, 2008]

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