Scoop Malinowski

Mark "Scoop" Malinowski (DOB: 1966-02-02) is an American journalist, author, content creator based in New York City, specializing in boxing and tennis projects including the books: Facing Federer, Facing McEnroe, Facing Nadal. Muhammad Ali: Portrait of a Champion, Marcelo Rios: The Man We Barely Knew, Facing Guillermo Vilas, Facing Marat Safin, Facing Hewiit, Facing Serena Williams/Steffi Graf, Facing Sampras.

Bjorn Borg: The Viking from Sweden was both beauty and beast personified on the tennis court... an unstoppable force at Roland Garros and Wimbledon, capturing eleven majors before the age of 26. One of the most recognizable figures in the history of sport won 64 singles titles overall. [1]

Boris Becker: At seventeen the German powerhouse famously conquered Wimbledon and then defended that title in 1986. The man called "Boom Boom" and "BB Socrates" combined brute force and intellectual prowess to win two Australian Opens and a US Open, and a total of 49 singles victories. [2]

Jimmy Connors: One of the purest warriors in the history of sport, this tennis titan symbolized a nation, a generation. His 1991 US Open heroics undoubtedly spawned and inspired countless other future champions. [3]

John McEnroe: The mercurial rebel artist from New York passionately willed his way to the top, entertaining, awe-inspiring and amusing galleries who still vividly remember his masterpieces, melodramas and athletic magic. [4]

Ilie Nastase: As supremely talented as any champion, the rambunctious Romanian also had a natural inclination to generate controversy and drama. The fascinating combination powered the free spirit to the no. 1 ranking and titles at Roland Garros and Forest Hills but he fell one step short twice at Wimbledon. "Nasty" or "The Bucharest Buffoon" also holds the distinction of being the first pro sports figure to sign an endorsement contract with Nike.

Guillermo Vilas: The introspective Young Bull of the Pampas attracted worldwide legions of supporters, as symbolized when he was carried off the Forest Hills court by loving New Yorkers who so admired his examples of sportsmanship, determination and commitment to excellence. [5]

Lennox Lewis: Quite possibly the greatest heavyweight champion of all time. A complete grand master with extraordinary size, strength, intelligence and mental toughness. He beat every man he ever fought, avenging his two losses with stoppage wins. He departed the sport at age 38 as the undisputed champion, with his health and wealth intact. Nobody did it better than Lennox Lewis.

Mike Tyson: Dynamically explosive but also vulnerable at the same time. He conquered the world at age 20 and his prime years were well before the typical for a champion athlete. What a roller coaster life it's been for Iron Mike. Through all his ups and downs, highs and lows, failures and successes, Mike Tyson is the ultimate inspiration. Never give up.

Manny Pacquiao: You will not see a more spectacular athlete with as much humility and class.

Rafael Nadal: They call him the raging bull but he is also a master matador on the tennis court, controlling and constantly deceiving and surprising opponents with his sublime shotmaking skills.

LeRoy Neiman: One of the most prolific and best known artists of our time. LeRoy is man of talent and vision. He sees things in a way that most people would never dream and he brings it to life. With a brilliance and eye for detail that confirms his place in history as America's best known and loved artist.