Ruth Nanda Anshen

American philosopher, author and editor

Ruth Nanda Anshen (June 14, 1900December 2, 2003) was an American philosopher, author and editor. She wrote several books, including The Anatomy of Evil, Biography of An Idea, Morals Equals Manners and The Mystery of Consciousness: A Prescription for Human Survival.

Quotes edit

  • There is no depth of life without a way to depth, no truth without a way to truth.
    • The Mystery of Consciousness: A Prescription for Human Survival, pg. 108 (1994)
  • Knowledge is a process, not a product.
  • Man alone, during his brief existence on this earth, is free to examine, to know, to criticize, and to create. In this freedom lies his superiority over the forces that pervade his outward life. He is that unique organism in terms of matter and energy, space and time, which is urged to conscious purpose. Reason is his characteristic and indistinguishing principle. But man is only man -- and free -- when he considers himself as a total being in whom the unmediated whole of feeling and thought is not severed and who impugns any form of atomization as artificial, mischievous, and predatory.

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