Russ Bingham is a Canadian political activist. He was the leader of Sons of Odin Canada until stepping down in late 2017 to lead Hamilton Soldiers of Odin under Ontario leader David MacKinnon.


  • we are not soldiers of Odin they are their own group and are not in any way affiliated to the Sons of Odin
  • They're all good people. You'll see,
    They're like family. A lot of us work together.
    water and granola bars
    They say not to paint them all with the same paintbrush,
    But they are what they are. They read the same book. They have the same ideas. They're evil people, they're nasty people, and I don't want them in my country, to be honest with you.
    We don't care if Muslims are here. That's not what we're saying,
    We're not saying stop immigration. That's nothing to do with what we're saying at all. But Shariah law is scary stuff.
    We're not here to start a fight,
    We don't look for problems.
  • We decided to cancel the event in respect of the gay community,
    We'll be arranging another in July
  • im no longer with Sons of Odin but do support the movement im a president of Hamilton Soldiers of Odin now