Portia Loeto

Portia Tshegofatso Loeto[dead link] from Matobo, a village in the North-Eastern Part of Botswana. She was born in 1985 and grew up in Tonota.[citation needed] She is a feminist advocate.[citation needed]


  • To me feminism emphasizes choice and the ability to exercise that choice.
  • Patriarchy keeps reinventing itself, taking all sorts of forms and shapes to keep women silently in their place, this is why other feminists must stay vigilant.
  • Patriarchy works day and night to undo what feminism does and we need to keep this in mind in our collective strategies in order for us to stay solid in the fight.
  • Police officers give very sexist and biased statements. The national media is censored and we seldom hear any robust conversations about key gender issues.
  • The open and deliberate institutionalization of patriarchy needs to be dealt with. We cannot have this going on and on like this. We cannot make any strides as far as gender transformation is concerned if the status quo prevails.
  • We need jobs. We need safe streets. We need to go out at night and not fear for our lives. We need to wear what we want. We need to be full citizens.
  • My everyday life is my activism: it’s in the conversations I engage in or the issues I write about as a budding academic.
  • Collaborating and bringing our individual efforts together will surely bring the change that we so desperately seek.

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