Play Misty for Me

1971 film directed by Clint Eastwood

Play Misty for Me is a 1971 film about a brief fling between a male disc jockey and an obsessed female fan that takes a frightening, and perhaps even deadly turn when another woman enters the picture.

Directed by Clint Eastwood. Written by Jo Heims and Dean Riesner.
The scream you hear may be your own!  (taglines)

Dave Garver

  • You haven't got the faintest idea of what love is, we don't even know each other.

Evelyn Draper

  • [menacing Tobie with a pair of scissors] I hope Dave likes what he sees when he gets here. Because that's what he's taking to Hell with him!


Evelyn Draper: Why didn't you take my call?
Dave Garver: Where does it say that I gotta drop what I'm doing and answer the phone every time it rings?
Evelyn Draper: Do you know your nostrils flare out into little wings when you're mad? It's kinda cute.

Dave Garver: Hello?
Sgt. McCallum: Garver!
Dave Garver: Yeah.
Sgt. McCallum: Sgt McCallum. Sorry to wake you but something has come up.
Dave Garver: Yeah I know, she just paid me a visit with a butcher knife.
Sgt. McCallum: Why? Because she was released on parole pending further legal action.
Dave Garver: When?
Sgt. McCallum: A week ago.
Dave Garver: Well I sure like the way you broke your ass to let me know about it!
Sgt. McCallum: I just found out about it myself.
Dave Garver: Who's in charge down there anyway?
Sgt. McCallum: Now look you wanna help find her or would you rather just sit there and belly-ache?
Dave Garver: All right.
Sgt. McCallum: Now exactly what did she say to you?
Dave Garver: I told you, she said that she was well and that she was going to Hawaii.
Sgt. McCallum: Uh what else?
Dave Garver: I already told you.
Sgt. McCallum: Well tell me again.
Dave Garver: You know Sergeant, you really make lousy conversation!
Sgt. McCallum: You make lousy coffee!

Evelyn Draper: I should've known you'd never do anything to spoil it.
Dave Garver: To spoil what?
Evelyn Draper: What we have between us.
Dave Garver: We don't have a goddam thing between us.

Evelyn Draper: Don't you like me?
Dave Garver: You're a nice girl.
Evelyn Draper: But who needs nice girls?
Dave Garver: I'm kind of hung up on one.
Evelyn Draper: And you don't want to complicate your life.
Dave Garver: That's exactly right.
Evelyn Draper: Well neither do I, but that's no reason we shouldn't sleep together tonight if we feel like it.

Dave Garver: There's a little spot in the middle of each day about your size.
Tobie Williams: Well there's lots of girls about my size if you're really looking.
Dave Garver: I'm not, that's what I'm trying to tell you.
Tobie Williams: You mean you've given up girls?
Dave Garver: Well I haven't exactly been the monk of the month or anything like that but I have been making an effort.

Evelyn Draper: It was funny, I was calling you from that phone booth over there and he was telling me you'd left and I was staring at your car - isn't that funny.
Dave Garver: Kind of funny.

Dave Garver: Get lost!
Evelyn Draper: Yeah, get lost assholes!

Man: Hey! People trying to sleep here!
Evelyn Draper: People trying to talk here.
Man: How'd you like to tell that to the law!


  • The scream you hear may be your own!
  • An invitation to terror


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