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Paracelsus (11 November or 17 December 1493 - 24 September 1541) was an alchemist, physician, astrologer, and general occultist. Born Phillip von Hohenheim, he later took up the name Philippus Theophrastus Aureolus Bombastus von Hohenheim, and still later used the name Paracelsus.

Practice humility at first with man and only then before God. He who despises man, has also no respect for God.


  • Destruction perfects that which is good; for the good cannot appear on account of that which conceals it. The good is least good whilst it is thus concealed. The concealment must be removed so that the good may be able freely to appear in its own brightness. For example, the mountain, the sand, the earth, or the stone in which a metal has grown is such a concealment. Each one of the visible metals is a concealment of the other six metals.
  • All is interrelated. Heaven and earth, air and water. All are but one thing; not four, not two and not three, but one. Where they are not together, there is only an incomplete piece.
    • Paracelsus - Collected Writings Vol. I (1926) edited by Bernhard Aschner, p. 110

Paracelsus - Doctor of our Time (1992)Edit

The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.
Paracelsus - Arzt unserer Zeit (1992) by Frank Geerk
  • As you talk, so is your heart.
  • All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; but the dose makes it clear that a thing is not a poison.

[Die dritte Defension wegen des Schreibens der neuen Rezepte. In: Septem Defensiones 1538. Werke Bd. 2, Darmstadt 1965, S. 510.]

  • Belief and work, knowledge and action are one and the same thing.
  • Consider that we shouldn’t call our brother a fool, since we don’t know ourselves what we are.
  • God has given to all things their course and decided how high and how far they may go, not higher, not lower.
  • God, our Father, has given us the life and the art of healing to protect and maintain it.
  • He who conquers his enemy with meekness, wins fame.
  • He who wants to govern must have insight into the hearts of men and act accordingly.
  • If you have been given a talent, exercise it freely and happily like the sun: give everyone from your splendour.
  • In us there is the Light of Nature, and that Light is God.
  • Nothing is hidden so much that it wouldn’t be revealed through its fruit.
  • Practice humility at first with man and only then before God. He who despises man, has also no respect for God.
  • The art of medicine has its roots in the heart. If your heart is false, then also the doctor in you is false. If it is fair, then also the doctor is fair.
  • We have Divine Wisdom in the mortal body.Whatever does harm to the body, ruins the House of the Eternal.
  • We should become angels and not devils, that’s why we have been created and born into the world. Therefore be and stick to what God has chosen you for.
  • What else is the help of medicine than love?
  • What maintains the marriage and what is it? Only the knowledge of the hearts, that is its beginning and end.
  • What we should be after death, we have to attain in life, i.e. holiness and bliss. Here on earth the Kingdom of God begins.
  • Who else is the enemy of Nature but he who mistakes himself for more intelligent than Nature, though it is the highest school for all of us?

Quotes about ParacelsusEdit

  • New diseases like syphilis seemed to call for new and "stronger" medicines; and this became one of the stock arguments for resort to the Paracelsian chemical pharmacopeia and mystical medical philosophy. With every fundamental of medicine thus called into question, the only logical recourse was to observe results of cures administered in accordance with the old Galenic as against the new Paracelsian theories, and then to choose whichever worked better. The swift development of European medical practice to levels of skill exceeding all other civilized traditions resulted.
  • The vagaries of Paracelsus are notorious, and yet he was far more than a mere quack.

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