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Martin Brundle

British racecar driver

Martin Brundle (born June 1, 1959, in King's Lynn, Norfolk) is an English motor racing driver known chiefly as the man who ran Ayrton Senna close in British Formula Three, a journeyman Formula One driver and as an ITV Sport F1 commentator. He is well known for colourful quotes from his Formula 1 commentary.


  • The track temperature is at 32 degrees celsius already and it's climbing like a mountain face at the moment."
  • [Ralf Schumacher's] been in every gravel trap there is, more or less, this morning. It looked like he wanted to go to the beach all day.
  • It's like the first day back at school. (referring to the number of driver errors made during the first race of the season)
  • They should have had a more experienced driver in that Jordan." (referring to of course the fact that Jordan passed up the option of having Martin drive for them and went for youth over experience)
  • Well I hope he's got his fuel card with him he could buy some more. If I was him I would get out of the car and head straight to the airport I would not want to come back to the pits!(Alesi fails to acknowledge the pit-boards telling him to come in and runs out of fuel)
  • He's all over the back of Schumacher like a bad suit."
  • Superman couldn't keep that pointing in the right direction."
  • There's more grip on the black than on the green."
  • What Frentzen needs to figure out is that he's a good 10 seconds faster than that Lola, so he needs to give it plenty of space!" (He was wrong. They were 15 seconds slower!)
    • Formula 1 Commentary Australia 1997
  • James Allen: What do you feel on the track when it’s this wet?
  • Martin: It’s alright. It’s fun, and all the spray’s behind you until you’re behind another car. It’s aquaplaning that scares the life out of you, when the car gets up on top of the water and you’re temporarily not in contact with the ground and you can head straight to the scene of the accident with the silliest little move of the steering wheel.
    • Formula 1 Australia 2002

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