Khanoda Squillace

Khanoda Squillace (Born October 30, 1971) is a singer/songwriter.


  • There's really no rhyme or reason to why I do what I do. If for nothing else I do it because I want to and it feels right. You can't really explain intuition, much less inspiration. You just have to forget your fears, throw caution to the wind and keep both fingers crossed when it speaks to you and follow. There's no rule anywhere stating that you can't move just because the world isn't watching.
  • I’ve reached that point as an artist that no matter what I do and what influences me at the moment it will have my signature on it regardless. It’s that certain level of self-assurance you reach over time when you no longer second guess anything you do and just go with the flow because ultimately it’s yours.
  • I don’t think love is as simple as people want, or wish, to believe. The narrow perceptions of love being blissful or optimistic or elusive or conditional. Whether it will clarify or cut through those perceptions is arguable. Ultimately I want it to provoke and challenge peoples views of love, and perhaps themselves.
    • (RE: his new album, "Fever +Fetish")

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