Keenese Katisenge-Tizhani

Botswanean executive involved particularly ith sport for women

Keenese Katisenge-Tizhani Keenese Katisenge-Tizhani is a Business Development and FinTech Professional in the Telco Industry, as well as a leader in the world of sport, making an impact locally and on the international stage. She is a Board Member for the Botswana National Sport Commission, representing Women and Sport Botswana, and serves as Vice President-Africa of The Association For International Sport For All (TAFISA). Having joined national sport administration at the age of 23, Katisenge-Tizhani has also held numerous positions in sport in the past, from Clubs Secretary, Additional Member, Secretary General and Public Relations Director for the Botswana Chess Federation (2008-2017), Councilor, FIDE Commission for Women in Chess, Head of Marketing for Gaborone International Meet (Now Botswana Golden Grand Prix) , the Marketing Officer and later one Chairperson for Women and Sport Botswana-Gaborone Region, the region that adapted the “Its On Us” Campaign from the USA to the Botswana Market in 2015, Member of the Botswana Football Association Club Licensing Committee, Member of the Botswana Volleyball Federation Marketing Commission and Chairperson of the Botswana Sport Volunteers Movement (2019-2021), where together with her team led a holistic rebranding exercise for the SVM, and the revision of the SVM Policy. Katisenge-Tizhani also founded Limitless Minds, an inclusive chess academy which planted the chess inclusion seed in Botswana by introducing impactful projects (e.g., chess for the visually impaired, chess in prisons) for the marginalized communities. In 2015 she won the Sports Administrator of the year award at the Botswana Sport Awards, and in the same year also represented Botswana and Africa at the United Nations Office for Sport Development and Peace Youth Leadership Summit in the USA. She is a 2019 Mandela Fellow and YALI Influencer. As a professional, Katisenge-Tizhani has also been a nominee for the Diamond Service Awards.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration- Marketing from the University of Botswana, Post Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Risk Management from the Botswana Accountancy College, Certificate in Digital Transformation from Darden School of Business, Prince 2 Foundation Certificate in Project Management from PeopleCert, FinTech Foundations and Regulations Certificate and Masters in Business Administration (on-going).


  • Further, as a game of strategy, a chess mind develops the capacity to predict consequences on the board and life scenarios, thus becoming an important element in development and empowerment of children to become responsible in their youth and adult life.
  • We continue to support young athletes in rural areas with donation of chess books, chess sets and provide training where Covid-19 Regulations allow.
  • The game of chess is an important activity to engage in during this period. It can be used as a form of therapy which we all need during this pandemic.