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Justin L. Smith is a Canadian politician and activist. He took over leadership of the Sudbury Soldiers of Odin from David MacKinnon in September 2017, and in 2019 voiced support for the People's Party of Canada.


  • There are some out there who believe we are fascists, racists, and any other bad names you can think of,
    Even though we have been here for over a year now, we’ve only been called names recently. Never have any members done anything bad to anyone and not even the regional nor the provincial police have heard of anything.
    If they have no evidence of criminal activity, which some members of the public claim, why is it that claims of violence and harassment are now commonplace?
    We pick up needles when no one else will, we help at the soup kitchen because they need help, we assist with local legions when they need help and veterans who cannot do their own yard work, we pick up garbage which others carelessly discard, we help other groups if they need people to help them (as with the organ donor car show), we also help individuals who ask for it or if others ask on their behalf,
    We have not participated in any activities which may be taken negatively. We are all average people who want to better our communities. None of us wishes anything bad on anyone and if we come across someone within our ranks who is a bad apple, they are removed. That’s if they make it through our vetting process. We only want to help by giving up our own time, effort, and money.
    We are not racists or anti anyone," wrote Smith. "If you get along, we have nothing against you. We’re not fascists either because real fascists are for strong autocratic or dictatorial control, which we’re not. Google is the bathroom wall of the Internet because anyone can post anything so don’t take everything you see to heart. Feel free to reach out to us if you want to know more or just to get to know us.
    They want to do whatever they can to run us out of town for picking up needles and helping out at the Soup Kitchen,
    We’re hoping that maybe after Christmas, the New Year, when things calm down, and people realize we are not the one in Finland (and that) we are something different,
    It would be nice. Most of the patrons enjoyed us.


  • We know Justin Smith from 2017 when, for some reason, after a petition campaign by Sudbury Against Fascism to stop them from volunteering at a local soup kitchen, he took over the leadership of the local chapter from the former president David MacKinnon.
    Justin lives in Goderich now, where he manages a used furniture store and organizes with the People’s Party of Canada. Strangely, he does not include his experience with Soldiers of Odin on his CV.