Johnny Test (season 5)

season of television series

The following is a list of quotes for the fifth season Johnny Test.

Johnny TestosteroneEdit

Choir Master: So Johnny Test thinks he can blow off choir class again?
Johnny: I'm right here!
Choir Master: Oh, right. I forgot, you haven't grown like the others. Ok, sing a sad note, everyone.

[When deciding how to give Johnny the formulae that will make him taller.]
Johnny: You know needles freak me out!
Mary: We could give you a suppository.
Johnny: What's that? [Mary whispers something in Johnny's ear.] Are you nuts?!

Johnny: (After receiving a suppository) Man, I hate getting medicine like that!

Dukey: Hey, let's all laugh now like they do at the end of old sitcoms.
Susan & Mary: Ok!
[Johnny, Dukey, Susan & Mary all laugh.]

Johnny Two FaceEdit

[After Truth Johnny insults a girl.]
Johnny: Why'd you say that to her?
Truth Johnny: Because it's the truth, that's why.
Johnny: Yeah, but it hurt her feelings.
Truth Johnny: So what should I do? Lie like you always do?
Johnny: No, but if you don't have anything nice to say maybe you shouldn't say anything at all, even if it's the truth. How about that?!
Truth Johnny: Blah, blah, blah! Not my fault if people can't handle the truth. They'll just have to get over it.
Johnny: Ok, that's it! You're going down!
Truth Johnny: No, the truth is you're going down.

Johnny: I will stop the truth from hurting peoples' feelings!
Truth Johnny: The truth hurts! Get over it!

Truth Johnny: You're all ugly!
Susan: Ok, I am hating the truth today!

My Dinner with JohnnyEdit

Dad: Why is using your manners at the dinner table so difficult for you?
Johnny: Because dinner is so boring.
Dad: How would you know? You never sit still long enough. One night. Is that too much to ask. Ha! I bet you couldn't even do it for one night.
Johnny: I totally could.
Mom: Yeah, I don't think so, sweetheart.
Dad: You think you can just sit there and not spill, burp, mini vomit, make a gross comment or destroy anything at tomorrow's dinner? And eat whatever's put in front of you?
Johnny: Piece of cake. And if I do it and win the bet you have to do my homework for a week and buy me ten new video games.
Dad: And when I win you clean your room for a year and yell from the rooftop for everyone to hear that you love my meatloaf.
Johnny & Dad: Deal!

Johnny: I need your help to win the bet.
Susan: And what do we get out of it?
Dukey: Can't you just help him because you're brother and sister?
Susan: No.

Johnny & Dad: He started it!
Mom: I don't want to hear it. You're both responsible. Johnny, would it be too much to keep your elbows off the table, excuse yourself after burping and ask for things instead of reaching for them?
Johnny: (awkwardly) No.
Mom: And dear, we're not sitting with the Queen of England can you not be such a stickler about manners? Lighten up a little. And maybe choose ingredients for your Around the World Meatloafs that this family would actually enjoy eating?
Dad: (awkwardly) Yes.

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