Johnny Test (season 3)

season of television series

The following is a list of quotes for the third season Johnny Test.

Stinkin' JohnnyEdit

[Johnny comes up with a plan to destroy the TV]
Johnny: So you pitch me the ball and I accidentally hit it through the open family room window and bash! Right into the old stinky TV. It breaks and dad buys a new one. Now pitch, dog!
[Dukey throws the ball to Johnny, but it accidentally hit the car's window]
Dukey: Um, that was the windshield on your dad's car.
Johnny: 3, 2, 1...
Dukey: Run!
[Johnny and Dukey run off]

Bumper: So I get to beat up Test and you guys won't call my mom?
Susan and Mary: Beat away.
Bumper: Awesome! [runs off]
[Johnny sprays perfume on Bumper and he faints]
Johnny: Awesome!
[the dogs bark evilly and Johnny sprays perfume on them, Dad arrives home]
Dad: Johnny! You are in big trouble mister, and you look ridiculous and- [gags and chokes]
Dukey: Okay, let's go get that $10,000.


Dad: [turns off the TV] Johnny, do something else besides watch Tiny'Mon. Go outside and play a game or something.

Dad: [takes the game away from the boys] Johnny, This Is NOT What I Meant!
Johnny: But, dad, I'm training to be a Tiny-Mon master, so I can snag more Tiny'Mons so I can catch the Legendary Screechereen, which may or may not exist.
Dad: Johnny, there are only two things in this world I don't understand and that's woman and Tiny'Mon. [Dukey yawns] And you need to stop playing or you'll get lost inside your own Tiny'Mon world and NEVER COME OUT! [walks away with Johnny's game]
Dukey: We're going to the lab aren't we?

Bathtime for JohnnyEdit

[After Dad's attempt at getting Johnny to take a bath fails.]
Dad: That's it, I give! I like smelly Johnny. I do! It's natural to smell like a dead bison, right?

Mom: Nothing good comes from not taking a bath.
Johnny: It totally does. One; There's always a seat on the bus. Two; I get to skip the lines in the cafeteria. And three; Which is the best of all, I'm my own science project.

Dukey: (surprised) You didn't bathe for five weeks and rub fish on yourself for me?
Johnny: Uh-huh. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you.

Here Johnny Here BoyEdit

Johnny Escape From Bling-Bling IslandEdit

Johnny X A New BeginningEdit

Johnny X The Final EndingEdit