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Hell's Kitchen/Season 10

Season 10 of Hell's Kitchen aired from June 4th to September 10th 2012. Chef Gordon Ramsay puts 18 new chefs in his restaurant to determine who will win his new head chef position at The Steak at the Paris Las Vegas. The winner was Christina Wilson.


Episode One [10.01]Edit

[During the signature dish challenge]
Gordon: Right, first name is?
Tavon: Tavon.
Gordon: Your position now is what?
Tavon: Executive Chef at (Washington) D.C.
Gordon: Wow. And how old are you?
Tavon: I'm only 22.
Gordon: You're only 22?
Tavon: Yes.
Gordon: And you're an executive chef running brigade of chefs?
Tavon: Yes.
Gordon: Well done. Amazing.
Tavon: Thanks.
Gordon: What is it? (Bleep)!
Tavon: Shrimp scallops and crab with top of fetuccine noodles and alfredo sauce with eschini and fuse.
[Gordon tastes Tavon's signature dish]
Gordon: How much an egg you put in there?
Tavon: A dime in a drizzle. A more in a drizzle.
Gordon: It is really hideous. This red coming is really bad. I mean really bad.

[Roshni submits her scallops to the pass; after Gordon found out that it's raw, he has had it]
Gordon: Hey, all of you, come here!
Dana: Oh, man!
Barbie: (interview) This is so (bleep)! Wow!
Gordon: I've had enough! Just touch these! (to Roshni) I mean honestly?
Roshni: Sorry, chef.
Gordon: Here we standing here forty-five minutes into service, we haven't got the (bleep) appetizers out. [Roshni throws the raw scallops in the bin] (to Roshni) Get out! Get out of there!
Roshni: (holds the pan) No, chef! No!
Gordon: Hey, look at me! look!
Roshni: Please?
Gordon: I'm not telling you one more time, Get the (bleep) out of here! (Bleep) off upstairs! Get out! (to Barbie) Barbie! Get on the scallops! Come on!
Barbie: Yes, chef.
Gordon: You take the (bleep) scallops!
[Roshni walks out to the kitchen to throw her apron out]
Roshni: (interview) I've never ever walked off to the light and I'm always completed dinner service (cries).

[Chef Ramsay has found out that Tavon had poorly sliced all the scallops during prep]
Gordon: Hey you, executive chef. Do you actually cook in a restaurant?
Tavon: Yes I do.
Gordon: And do you do the same there?
Tavon: Do we do what (bleep)?
Gordon: The same?
Tavon: No.
Gordon: So why are you doing them here?
Tavon: I guess I froze, I mean.
Gordon: You froze?
Tavon: What else do you want me to say?
Gordon: You haven't even (bleep) defrosted!
Tavon: Ha.
Gordon: You think it's funny? All those (bleep) customers? Do me a favor, (bleep) off upstairs! Get out!
Tavon: (interview) This is the first time I've ever been kicked out of the kitchen in my career. Chef Ramsay, you're a (bleep) douchebag.
Gordon: One onion tart, one spaghetti, how long?
Brian: What are we waiting on? What we got?
Gordon: What are waiting on? I'm waiting on some (bleep) turds!
Brian: Yes chef.
Gordon: Is that a (bleep) joke?

Gordon: [returning Royce's spaghetti to the workstation] Hey, come here. Crunchy (bleep) spaghetti. Crunchy, you can just see it. Pick that up, look, crunchy!
Royce: Sorry chef. I'll have one in 30 seconds.
Gordon: Hey, hey, GET OUT!!
Royce: I'll have one in 30 seconds.
Gordon: Hey, look at me, GET OUT!! Join the (bleep) exec. upstairs! Get the (bleep) out of here!

Gordon: I've become (bleep) out of this, like a bunch of idiots here!
Don: Come on guys, we need a down rally here.
Guy: (interview) Don is a living in his own world, he was wondering around not knowing what (bleep) not to do himself.
Gordon: (holds the ticket) Two caesar salad, one onion tart, how long?
Chris Carrero: Onion tart working! Get on onion tart! Three right now! Three right now! (brings to the pass) Check this it, man!
Gordon: Put the tray down! Put the (bleep) tray down! (smashes the onion tart) RAW! (calling all remaining members of the blue team) All of you, ALL OF YOU! (bleep) RAW!!! Can't cook pastry, end of the day for me, GET OUT!!! All of you, GET OUT!!!

Gordon: Tavon may have been an executive chef at 22, but he did little to impress me in his short stay in Hell's Kitchen.

Episode Two [10.02]Edit

[The blue team is trying to cook on their first entrées]
Gordon: Two wellington, two opah! How long?
Justin: Coming out now, chef! Coming out! Out! (Brings the wellington to the pass)
Gordon: Where's the opah?
Chris Carrero: Right behind.
Gordon: (Bleep)! It's raw, stone-(bleep)-cold! All of you, COME HERE! (Calling Chris Carrero) You, specially! Just touch that! Cold, touch that! (Blue team touches that what is now cold wellington) And it's stone cold! (smashes the wellington onto a tray twice) (Bleep)! (To Justin) Shame! Who cooked the wellington?
Justin: I did, chef.
Gordon: It mean it cooked perfectly. Take it back now.

(8:06 pm)
Narrator: Two hours into dinner service and not a single entrée is left either kitchen, patience is wearing thin in the dining room.
Female diner: I'm hungry. (Caption appears in the screen)
James: We do apologize.
Narrator: And the red kitchen is crumbling quickly.
Robyn: How long on the bass?
Barbie: Two minutes, guys.
Robyn: A real (bleep) two minutes or a playful two minutes?
Christina Wilson: Coming through. Pardon me, Chef.
Gordon: (sees the fish cooking) I've got six bass going. What?
Tiffany Johnson: Chef, I told them to start the bass. Because--
Gordon: Six???
Tiffany Johnson: Yes.
Gordon: They should be cooked to order! It's fish!
Barbie: Coming down with scallops.
Tiffany Johnson: (interview) I don't understand why I'm getting yelled at. I'm trying to (bleep) put out food for the customers. I mean, I'm pissed off that he's mad at me.
Gordon: Ladies, STOP! ALL OF YOU, COME HERE! (Tiffany) You're telling her (Danielle) to cook six bass for three tables in front of what we're doing. And then this arrives. (points to Barbie's scallops)
Roshni: (interview) Agh! We're screwed.
[Chef Ramsay has had enough with the Red team]
Gordon: For the seventh time, touch them! Touch them! (he touches the scallops, then the red team touches it) All of you, GET OUT! (Barbie) And you, take that with you, (gives Barbie the tray of scallops) get out of my (bleep) sight! GET OUT! OUT!
Christina Wilson: (interview) God! Oh my God!
Gordon: Absolutely useless!

Robyn: I got fish! I got fish you cocky bitch!
Barbie: Don't you ever (bleep) call me a bitch again, you understand?

Episode Three [10.03]Edit

[Barbie Wakes Up The Entire Dorm By Stomping Her Feet On The Floor]

Robyn:(interview) What The (bleep) Is That?
Barbie:(interview) Wake Up.
Robyn:I Don't Even Make That Much Noise When I Walk (Caption appears in the screen).
[Robyn Get's Out Of Bed Angrily]
Robyn:Do You Wanna Rumble This Morning?
Barbie:I Just Want Everybody To Remember Where They Are And What Were Here To Do
Tiffany Johnson:What Are You Doing?
Barbie:I Just Washed The Dishes
Tiffany Johnson:I Came Out Here With You Going Like This You Dumb Bitch!
Tiffany Johnson:(interview) Somebody Needs To Tell That (bleep) Bitch Whats Up
Tiffany Johnson:Your About To Get Chocked Out Knock It Off Grow Up You're 33!
Barbie:I'm Not About To Get Chocked Out!
Justin:(off screen) Yo People Are Trying To Sleep!
Tiffany Johnson: You Wanna Get Chocked Out? You Wanna Get Chocked Out? You Dumb (bleep) Yeah (bleep)!
Barbie:(interview) Shaking In My Boots I'm Shaking.
Robyn:I'm This Close To Snapping Your Neck (Caption appears in the screen).

[Gordon checks on wellingtons brought up by Kimmie]

Gordon: Who cooked the wellingtons? (returns to the workstation)
Kimmie: I did, chef.
Gordon: Kimmie? I got one sort of rare and one sort of looking weird. [slams the wellingtons on the workstation] Look at that.
Kimmie: (Bleep) me, dude!
Gordon: And here is the big insult: (holds a piece of burnt cod) Boiled one side and black the next. It's over two hours. It's been a nightmare. Pathetic!
Robyn: (interview) Chef's definitely about to explode. (imitates a bomb falling down)
Gordon: You'll never ever get entrées out like this, ever! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 of you. (Bleep) off out of here! Get out! Out! And one more thing, GET OUT!

Episode Four [10.04]Edit

[The blue team has ran out of cod during service]

Gordon: James?
James: (enters the blue kitchen) Yes chef?
Gordon: We ran out of cod. Can we serve the seabass?
James: Yes chef. (exits the kitchen)
Gordon: Let's go. Three bass, two lamb.
Brian: Yes chef. It's coming right now, baby.
Gordon: Hey. It's coming baby?
Brian: Sorry chef.
Gordon: You cook like a (bleep) baby!
Brian: Won't happen again, chef.
Gordon: GET OUT!!
Brian: Yes chef.
[Gordon knocks his hand on the workstation]
Brian: (knocks his hand on side of the oven upon exiting) (Bleep)!!
Gordon: What's the matter with that jerk?!
Brian: (throws his apron in the dorms) Come on, man!

Gordon: Come on, Donald! Let's go!
Don: One minute, chef.
Gordon: One minute.
Guy: (interview) One minute, I'm going up.
Scott: You've got to be kidding me.
Royce: (interview) One minute!!
Don: One minute on that steak, chef.
Gordon: Donald!!
Don: One minute, chef.
Gordon: Three minutes ago, you said one minute, yeah?
Don: Yeah, I'm right there. One minute!
Gordon: What's going on? You're shouting "one minute" just like a (bleep) idiot!
Don: Uhm... Like a minute and a half.
Gordon: Oh, my God. (Bleep) hell! Come on, Donald!
Don: Yes, chef! Coming up. [delivers his meat to the pass] Sorry, chef.
Gordon: (Bleep)!! [checks the steak] What the (bleep)? Oh, my God! (returns to the workstation) Yeah, stop, stop!! (Don groans) You keep me waiting and they arrive in the window, medium-well. And you're telling me one minute , I came back three minutes from there it's still one minute.
Don: (Bleep).
Gordon: Get out! (Bleep) off!

Gordon: Hey, who's cooking the bass?
Royce: Right here, chef.
Justin: I am, chef.
Royce: I got your bass.
Justin: I have my hands for this order. I got two more.
Gordon: OH MY GOD!! Hey Royce, are you stupid?!
Royce: No.
Gordon: You've (Royce) got bass there, he's (Justin) got bass there! It's the same table, you idiots! And not one of you are (bleep) communicating! Both of you! (Bleep) off out of here! (Bleep) off!!

Episode Five [10.05]Edit

Episode Six [10.06]Edit

Episode Seven [10.07]Edit

[The Blue Team Unanimously Voted To Send Clemenza Home]

Clemenza: Chef I Chased Animals I Dug Trees I Gave It My All Every Single Time That I've Been In That Kitchen I Played 100% And I Have Not Once Not Once Ever Have I Stopped And Let My Guard Down Once I Have Tried To Help Everybody And Do Everything I Can Possible Be And I Always Played 100% And Everybodies Trying To Get Rid Of Me But You Know What I Still Put Out Better Food Than Everybody Standing There.

Episode Eight [10.08]Edit

Episode Nine [10.09]Edit

Episode Ten [10.10]Edit

Gordon: Blue team, away now Table 22, Concentrate. Three filet, one hanger steak.
Patrick: Yes chef, four minutes. [Royce just stares at Gordon]
Gordon: Royce doesn't even answer. Three filet, one hanger! Tell your chef three filet, one hanger.
Royce: Yes, chef, three filet, one hanger!
Gordon: One more time!
Royce: Three filet, one hanger!
Gordon: One more time!
Royce: Three filet, one hanger!
Gordon: One more time!
Royce: Three filet, one hanger! I got two minutes on mine. [Ramsay slow claps]
Patrick: Give me three minutes chef on...
Gordon: On what?
Patrick: Two filet, one hanger.
Gordon: Oh, my god!
Patrick: Three filet! Sorry chef.
Gordon: Hey, you! Hey, (bleep)-head. Come here, you.
Patrick: (Bleep)!
Gordon: Hey you (Justin) on meat. Let's go. Patrick, (bleep) off!
Patrick: Oh, (bleep) me! (Bleep)!
Gordon: Hey, outside and get some fresh air. (Bleep) off.
[Patrick walks out into the dining room where a kid starts laughing at him.]

[Chef Ramsay has had it with the red team; comes back to the workstation with hanger steak]

Gordon: Hey! Hey, all of you, STOP!! Come here, all of you! Just touch them. Put your hand on top. Put your hand on... (to Robyn and Tiffany) PUT YOUR HAND ON TOP!!!
Robyn and Tiffany: I'm putting it on top.
Gordon: Put it on top. Put it on top. Stone-cold! Red team! You, you, you, you, you. (Bleep) off! [Kimmy slams her towel on her station upon exit] Get out!!!

Episode Eleven [10.11]Edit

Episode Twelve [10.12]Edit

Episode Thirteen [10.13]Edit

Narrator: The red team is stuck on their last two tickets.
Kimmie: How long Tiff?
Tiffany: I don't know exactly.
Narrator: Still waiting for Tiffany's undercooked potato garnish.
Christina: (interview) You should know that they were your potatoes. That was your component right? That was your idea for the menu right?
Tiffany: I'm sorry. What do you want me to say? Don't give me that look!
Kimmie: Don't get an attitude with me! You're killing my steaks!
Tiffany: I don't know, Kimmie. I don't know.
Andi: Tiffany,
Tiffany: Sorry.
Andi: No, you're not!
Tiffany: Yes I am!
Andi: No, you're (bleep) not!
Tiffany: Yes I am.
Andi: You're the sloppiest cook I've ever seen in my whole entire life!
Tiffany: Sorry.
Andi: No, you're not!
Tiffany: Okay, I'm not.
Andi: You have such a (bleep) attitude! Why don't you take a walk? And Dana take over her section.
Dana: Yes, chef.
Tiffany: (leaves) Have fun. (interview) Okay, look at Tiffany. Let's make fun of her. I don't care about anything apparently. So, what the (bleep)? You all just made me look like a (bleep) idiot. Bye! (cries)

Gordon: A little bit of fish here, a little bit there. You're (Clemenza) stuffing your face with (bleep) desserts! Hey all of you, come here! And put that one down. [Checks Brian's fish] (Bleep) blind, I can see that's raw, raw, raw.
Brian: (interview) It's my fault. It's my fault.
Gordon: Honestly, Your menu, your menu, your menu, your menu! You give me that, followed by that. You, you, you, you, GET OUT! (Bleep) idiots! Get the (bleep) out of here!

[Gordon calls up both teams after dinner service]

Gordon: All of you, listen carefully. I have in my hand the comment cards. I was hoping that they would decide the winning team. (rips up the comment cards into pieces and throws them everywhere) Tonight, it was the most shocking dinner service yet! Here's the sad news: YOUR MENU, YOUR CREATIVITY, YOUR EXECUTION, AND SUPPOSEDLY, YOUR TEAMWORK! Blue Team, embarrassing! I mean, really embarrassing! It's just like you didn't care. And ladies, raw potatoes. And then Dana, raw (bleep)ing lobster. I expected tonight to be your absolute best. Unfortunately, it's gone down in history as one of your worst! There will be no winning team.
Dana: (interview) I'm so confused right now! Somebody tell me what the hell's going on!
Kimmie: (interview) I don't even know what to say. I really thought we had this.
Gordon: Both teams, decide which two people you want to nominate to lose from your team. (Bleep) off.

Episode Fourteen [10.14]Edit

[Gordon checks on catfish brought up by Brian]
Gordon: Oh, (bleep) me. Burned one side. (comes back to the workstation) All of you, come here! Yeah, come here. Look. No color and it's burned.
Clemenza: (interview) Really dude? It's a (bleep) piece of fish. I mean, like come on! Step it up a little bit.
Gordon: (to Brian; gives him a piece of fish) Come here, just take a bite of that. Just take a bite. Eat it, you (bleep)-wit. How does it taste?
Brian: Tastes like fish, chef.
Gordon: Excuse me? (brief pause) Smart-arse, you want to be funny now, do you? (throws his spoon) You're such a (bleep)!
Robyn: (interview) Brian, really? Right now's not the time to (bleep) crack jokes, bro.
Gordon: Get out! Get out, you (bleep) idiot!
Brian: (Bleep)! (walks out of the kitchen) Seriously? (interview) That was a mistake of epic proportions. I did not mean to be a smart ass.
Gordon: (rekindles Brian) "Tastes like fish," what a (bleep, bleep).
Brian: (interview) It was just the first thing that came to my head.

[Gordon checks on chicken brought up by Robyn; after finding out that it's raw, he has had it with the blue team]

Gordon: I mean, (bleep) me. (returns to the workstation) Hey.
Robyn: Really?
Gordon: You, you, you, you. Come here. [Robyn slams her towel] Hey, look. RAW. Now you really think I will serve that in there? [throws the chicken away] MADNESS!! Get out.
Robyn: Don't kick them out, chef. Just kick me out.
Gordon: Hey listen. Don't you (bleep) dare tell me what to do. You, you, you, you. (Bleep) off!
Robyn: (Bleep)! I (bleep) hate this damn chicken! [Clemenza throws his towel away]
Gordon: GET OUT!!!

[Gordon checks on catfish brought up by Kimmy]
Gordon: Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! Oh, (Bleep). (comes back to the workstation) Aaaahhh. I could cry. I could just... I could just cry. (throws his spoon)
Christina Wilson: Oh, (bleep)!
Gordon: (knocks the workstation with both hands) STOP!! Come here you! Let me show you something: I've got raw, raw (bleep) catfish there!
Christina Wilson: Oh!
Gordon: And that's burned (bleep) in there.
Dana: (interview) What are you thinking, Kimmy?! This is not happening! NO!!
Gordon: You, you, you, you. GET OUT! YOU'RE A (bleep) DISGRACE!!
Christina Wilson: (Bleep)!
Gordon: Hey (Christina), there! Touch! (tosses a piece of catfish to Christina) That's the raw fish!
Christina Wilson: I see it, chef. I see it.
Gordon: (Bleep) disgrace! Get out!!

[Sous-chef Scott goes up to the dorms and gathers the teams, but Gordon stops them once they get to the kitchen]
Gordon: Stay there! Stay there! Trust me; Scott, Andi, and I will finish service. Let me tell you that. That was shocking! I can't take any more. Do me a big favor: Each of you have a good chat, based on tonight's service, and come up with 1 individual from each team that should be leaving Hell's Kitchen tonight. And I hope to hell that all of you are feeling like [bleep]! Pathetic. All of you, upstairs. Get out of here.

Episode Fifteen [10.15]Edit

[In the team communication challenge, both teams fail to score a single point.]
Clemenza: (interview) The lamb is nicely cooked, sauce is on, got this, we got this, we got this.
[Gordon tastes blue team's lamb]
Gordon: Unreal! (chokes the undercooked lamb)
Clemenza: (Bleep)!
Gordon: Wow! Ugh!
Brian: (interview) Yeah, we're (Bleep).
Gordon: The sauce is disgusting. It looks like in a gas station. Nasty!
Dana: (interview) Okay, this could be good for us, that mean our lamb is cooked perfectly!
Gordon: Red team! (holds the lamb)
Barbie: I sliced the lamb, Chef.
Gordon: (to Barbie) Did you sliced the lamb or chewed the lamb?
Dana: (interview) Barbie, what have you done to this lamb? Did you cut it with a (bleep) spoon?
[Gordon tastes red team's lamb and then choked]
Gordon: I am seriously disappointed. I expected at this stage in the game something so much better! For the first time ever his Hell's Kitchen history, I, Gordon Ramsay cannot pick a winner! Red team, blue team, you both lost. One team would've had an amazing day with a beach in Malibu, visiting Santa Monica in a helicopter. You had a beach club this afternoon for yourselves.
Dana: (interview) Hell's Kitchen season 10 making history! Only we're making history because we suck!
Gordon: You have a long day cleaning. The front of Hell's Kitchen needs sprucing up. After that, Hell's Kitchen SUV's need detailing. But more importantly, I'm opening Hell's Kitchen tonight.
Chefs: Yes, chef.
Gordon: And do you know why? Redemption! You need it. I swear to god, there's going to be a great service. Because if it's not, I am not waiting until the end of service to get rid of dead wood.
Clemenza: (Bleep)!
Gordon: Get cleaning.
Justin: Let's go guys.
Robyn: (interview) Chef's pissed and do you know what? He's got every right to be pissed. We should all be embarrassed to be wearing these jackets right now.

Episode Sixteen [10.16]Edit

Episode Seventeen [10.17]Edit

Episode Eighteen [10.18]Edit

Episode Nineteen [10.19]Edit

Episode Twenty [10.20]Edit

[Finalists Christina and Justin have just finished their final service and are standing in front of Ramsay, along with their teams.]
Gordon: That was an amazing service, you know that. That was amazing. Really good job.
[Everyone applauds.]
Christina: Thanks so much, guys. Seriously.
Gordon: Really good job indeed. And on the back of that, I'm changing things: For the first time ever, I've decided to do away with the whole two-door thing, because I'm ready to decide a winner. The winner of Hell's Kitchen is... Tavon.
[Everyone laughs.]
[Flashback to Tavon, who was the first contestant to be eliminated this season.]