Ota Hakusetsu, real name Kinzaernon, (c. 1666 - June 7, 1735) was a Japanese haiku poet, and a disciple of Matsuo Bashō.


Quotes about HakusetsuEdit

  • In 1702 Basho's disciple Ota Hakusetsu (1661–1725) undertook to compile a collection of haiku by contemporary women poets; it was published as the second volume of Haikai Mikawa Komachi (Haikai verses by the followers of Komachi in Mikawa Province).
    • Makoto Ueda. Far Beyond the Field: Haiku by Japanese Women : an Anthology. 2003
  • Mikawa Komachi, a work in two volumes compiled in 1702 by Basho disciple Ota Hakusetsu (1666-1735), devotes all of its second volume to the hokku of women such as Basho school poets Chigetsu, Shushiki, Sonome, and Uko (ca. 1688-1704), the wife of Basho's disciple Nozawa Boncho (d. 1714). No other anthologies of women's hokku were published until Tamamoshu in 1774.
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