Gigi Goyette

Gigi Goyette is an actress who had a role in Little House on the Prairie.


  • All this stuff that he did with all these women, these good-looking women, women he worked with, he grabbed their ass and said 'Oh, you've got such a nice ass, you got a nice body,' you know it's his way of making them feel comfortable, of complimenting them, because every woman thinks she's shoddy or she's looking bad or something's not right. When you've got a guy like that, saying something like that, it makes them feel so good.
    I came up with the term 'outercourse' because it's like foreplay. It was whatever we wanted it to be. It wasn't the same all the time. Most of the time it was just massages, really, and I think any stressed-out man in his position--maybe his wife wasn't there to relieve him--we'll get Gigi. Call Gigi. I was his avenue of relaxation.