2006 British-American thriller film directed by Richard Loncraine

Firewall is a 2006 thriller film directed by Richard Loncraine and written by Joe Forte. Harrison Ford stars as Jack Stanfield, a security expert at a bank faced with a corporate merger and the offer of a new job.


[after Jack transfers the money]
Jack: It's done.
[one phone with Vel]
Bill: Vel, is the money there? Okay, good.
Jack: I've done everything you want. When do I get my family back?
Bill: We have some tidying up to do.

Jack: Pack up your shit and get out of here, now!
Janet: Screw you, Jack!

Jack: Nice flowers.
Janet: Born-again, Bobby.
Jack: Maybe he's trying to save you soul.
Janet: He'd need bigger blossoms than that.

[the morning after the kidnappers have taken over]
Beth: You have to do whatever they want. I don't care what it is.
Jack: It may not be that easy. We've seen their faces.
Beth: But he said if we just corporate...
Jack: I know what they said, Beth!

Vel: So, you're an architect?
Beth: Yes.
Vel: And you designed this house?
Beth: I did.
Vel: It's nice.
Beth: Thanks.
Vel: How old is it?
Beth: Seven years.
Vel: How much does a house like this go for?
Beth: This is about robbing the bank, isn't it? You're using Jack to help you rob the bank.
Vel: Open a few doors and press a few buttons.
Liam: Just look after the kids, Beth. And Vel, stick to your work.


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