C. B. Colby

American writer (1904-1977)

C. B. Colby (born Carroll Burleigh Colby, September 7, 1904; died October 31, 1977) was a prolific children's book writer of mostly non-fiction works. He wrote approximately 93 books that were widely circulated in public and school libraries in the United States.



Strangely Enough, (1963)


Colby, C.B. (1963). Strangely Enough. Publisher: Scholastic Magazines, Inc. ISBN 0-590-03123-6.

  • When thoroughly reliable people encounter ghosts, their stories are difficult to explain away.
    • p. 177

World's Best "True" Ghost Stories, (1988)


Colby, C.B. (1988). World's Best "True" Ghost Stories. Publisher: Sterling Publish, Co., Inc. ISBN 0-8069-6898-2.

  • A good yarn, an offbeat tale, a bloodcurdling ghost story -- they need no explanation or excuse for the telling!
    • p. 5
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