Buck Privates Come Home

1947 film by Charles Barton

Buck Privates Come Home is a 1947 American film about two ex-soldiers who return from overseas.

Directed by Charles Barton. Written by John Grant, Frederic I. Rinaldo, and Robert Lees.
They're Out of the Army!  (taglines)


Bill Gregory: That's my car, hey Slick, who's racing my car?
Slicker Smith: I don't know, I'll ask Herbie... Herbie? Herbie can't drive!

Sylvia Hunter: You love your uncle Herbie, don't you?
Yvonne 'Evie' LeBrec: Oh yes, I'd marry him if I was a little bigger and he was a little littler.

[Losing his temper, Collins has chased Herbie onto the street wearing only his long underwear]
Police Captain: I think you forgot your gloves, patrolman!
Officer Collins: I was chasing one of those peddlers, Captain. He was in my bed!
Police Captain: And then he got up and he put on your pants?
Officer Collins: Yes, sir...I mean, NO SIR!! I was so excited, I forgot! I'll put em' on right away.
Police Captain: That'll be fine, Collins. [Pause] Oh, and Collins, don't bother putting on your shoes. Because where I am transferring you, the grass will be SO HIGH...nobody will even NOTICE your feet!


  • They're Out of the Army!


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