Big Mori

Morteza Siahkali Moradi

Morteza Siahkali Moradi, (born on 12 March 1996 - Tehran) better known as Big Mori is an Iranian rapper and athlete.


  • Iranian Artist/Champion, after releasing his new song with [Mohammad Datees] said that the Iranian music industry needs to be more creative!! after 20 years since Iranian Hip Hop and Rap was founded, now is time to make some changes to it.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7]
  • I think at the moment, Mohammad Datees is one of the greatest creative artists in this market, he sings, produces, and also he's an audio engineer, that's the way you meet more creativity in your career when you do anything that makes you happy.[8][9]
  • when I listen to Iranian songs, it's like all of these daily releases are made by 1 guy, it is funny when all singers and artists wanna copy another one, it will kill the creativity forever.[10][11]