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Axe Cop (TV series)

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Axe Cop was an American animated series based on the webcomic of the same name. Similar to the web-comic, the series features the titular police officer Axe Cop, his partner Flute Cop, and their allies Sockarang, Gray Diamond, Liborg, Bat Warthog Man, and Wexter as they fight various "bad guys" and avoid getting into conflict with the Normal Police.


Season 1Edit

Night Mission: Stealing Friends BackEdit

Zombie Island... in SpaceEdit

An American StoryEdit

Babysitting Uni-BabyEdit

Birthday MonthEdit

The Rabbit Who Broke All the RulesEdit

No More Bad GuysEdit

Super AxeEdit

When Night Creatures AttackEdit

28 Days BeforeEdit

Taxi CopEdit

The Dumb ListEdit

Season 2Edit

Night Mission: The MoonEdit

Heads Will RollEdit

Bald CopEdit

The Center of the OceanEdit

Mark FrankensteinEdit

President CopEdit

Axe Cop Saves GodEdit

The Ultimate MateEdit

Night Mission: The ExtincterEdit

Baboons RisingEdit

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