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Paul Neilan

novel written by Paul Neilan
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Paul Neilan is an American novelist, writer of Apathy and Other Small Victories.



Apathy and Other Small Victories (2006)Edit

  • If she wanted to think that apathy and independence were the same thing, good for her. Maybe she was right.
  • [...] everyone drank too much coffee too, at the wrong times and for the wrong reasons. They drank it when they came in every morning to get going, and then again in the afternoon to keep going. They ran on caffeine fumes all day and never fucking got anywhere. Then the went home spent and empty and crashed in front of the TV every night and slept away the few hours they had for themselves.
    • p 149
  • The fact is any time spent at work not sleeping in the bathroom is wasted time.
    • p 149
  • The world is your oyster, but you're allergic to shellfish.
  • Cowardice, when done correctly, can be its own kind of bravery.
    • p 211

Quotes about Apathy and Other Small VictoriesEdit

  • This book is an onrushing series of twisted gags, some of them hilarious, others not so much. (Neilan would be funnier if he wasn't so smugly sure of how funny he is.) A highlight: "And then there was some sex . . . We were like two dead fish being slapped together by an off-duty clown." [...] Juvenile fun for undiscerning lads with two hours to kill.
    • Frank Sennett, review of Apathy and Other Small Victories, Booklist, May 15, 2006

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