Akber Choudhry

Akber Ahmed Choudhry (born 1967) is a political analyst and activist based in London, UK.


  • Most activist Muslims, like me, will always fight to protect Jews from anti-Semitism but will always fight the racist and apartheid goals of Zionism.
  • Zionism requires a continuous shrill cacophony in the background, for it requires the suspension of reason in asserting that an end goal for one people can be justified by any means against another.

  • جو بھی کامل معاشرہ کا آبِ حیات بیچتا ہے وہ آپ کا دشمن ہے۔ وہ آپ کی انسانیت کا دشمن ہے۔
    • Translation: Anyone who tries to sell you the elixir of life in the form of a perfect society - is your enemy - the enemy of your humanity.
    • [2]
    • Describing some Muslim preachers who try to sell the utopia of a perfect Islamic society.

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