X-Men: Animated Series

Season 1, Episode 4: Deadly Reunions

Wolverine: You always did like pushing around people smaller than you. Well I'm smaller; try pushing me!!

Wolverine: You always were second best. And in this business bub (brandishing claws)...second best just don't cut it.

Magneto: When I was a boy, my people talked while others prepared for WAR! They used reason when others used TANKS, and they were destroyed for their troubles. I won't let it happen again, Xavier, I WON'T!

Season 2, Episode 6: X-Ternally Yours

Wolverine: I don't care which Spirit Ladies did what to which Cajuns; I'm here to stop a wedding.

Season 2, Episode 10: Beauty and the Beast

Beast: Now that you see what my life is like, you’ll understand what I have to tell you.

Carly: Hank, please don’t.

Beast: We have to face it. I am a mutant in a world that fears and despises my kind. I thought for a moment we could live in that world together, but I know now that we

cannot. Someday with work and hope the world will change. Until then if you care for me as much as I care for you, you will understand why we must part.

Jubilee: Weird. Wolverine using his head, and Beast going berserk! What’s the world coming to? (More quotes coming soon)

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