Willard Boyle

Willard Boyle

Willard Sterling Boyle (born August 19, 1924) is a Canadian physicist and co-inventor of the charge-coupled device. He was awarded a one-quarter share in the the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for "the invention of an imaging semiconductor circuit — the CCD sensor".


  • ... a certain amount of arrogance is essential in carrying forward an idea. In talking about the device with others, it is surprising now in retrospect the number of people who either were quite negative and had reasons to suggest it would not function as described or claimed that it would be of little interest and no better than some already existing device.
    • Willard S. Boyle and George Elwood Smith describing The Inception of Charge-Coupled Devices, edited by Frederick Su (1990). Technology of our times: people and innovation in optics and optoelectronics. SPIE Press. p. 91. ISBN 0819404721. 

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