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We Can Be Heroes

We Can Be Heroes: Finding The Australian of the Year is an Australian mockumentary TV series created, written and starring Chris Lilley and directed by Matthew Saville.

Daniel SimsEdit

  • Chicks are more attracted to blokes with spastic qualities.
  • I live on a farm, I drive a tractor. Me and Craig have got the X-Factor.
  • Mum reckons he's like 3% spastic.
  • Nathan you fag!
  • You deaf lil' shit! You're a shit!
  • That’s our dog Ja Rule. Named after the rapper, 'cause he’s black.
  • It’s not gonna be like, I’m not gonna hear what Nathan’s hearing. That’d be fully weird if that happened. Mum, it’s not gonna be me hearing what Nathan hears, is it?
  • Remember when Ja Rule had a crush on Mum? He like totally had the hots for Mum, and Mum’d be like hanging out the washing and that and Ja Rule would like, you know how dogs site sit like that, and he’d get a stiffy. It was disgusting. But Mum was kinda flattered.
  • I use these um, these coloured cards, just attached ‘em to my belt. Green means I’m hungry, like bring me food and that, red means piss off, like if he’s pissing me off and shit, I just hold that up so he knows. And um, blue is change games on the Xbox.

Ja'mie KingEdit

  • Get me 100, I want 100 by next week. Next week because I have the Australian Of The Year finals to go to, and if I don’t have that many kids, then I will fucking lose. So shut your fucking bitch face.

Pat MullinsEdit

  • I guess in was not till 2 or 3 years ago when the boys had left home, and I thought ‘What are you doing with your life, Pat?’ I said ‘Get out there and take on the world. Get out in public and say ‘Yes I’m disabled, but I can roll.’

Phil OlivettiEdit

  • This whole Australian Of The Year thing, I mean I laughed at the suggestion when I nominated myself, when I sent in the form.