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Mitt Romney quotesEdit

Please stop adding quotes to pages without ensuring that the quote is adequately about the subject of the page. I have gone through and removed a number of quotes and pages which were created without any real connection between the quote and the subject; simply because a quote may mention a certain person or thing does not necessarily mean that the quote is about that person or thing. Furthermore, when adding quotes, please make sure that the quote is about the larger subject, not simply a particular initiative or bill confined to the state of Massachusetts. Wikiquote is not a place for trying to create a legacy for an outgoing governor. —LrdChaos (talk) 14:31, 14 October 2006 (UTC)

Do you realize how few topics there are in "Wikiquote"?

For instance, there are no quotes about, "America".

Do you really want to be considered relevant as an archive of quotes, when there are no quotes about America? I think you should be less conserned about removing quotes that you don't think are relevant (from an outgoing governor) than wiki-quotes becoming irrelevant.

Besides, Mitt Romney is not just an outgoing governor. He is a possible president in 2008. Some would say that the internet's most important job is to help people figure out who should be the next president of the united states. Why would you remove Mitt Romney's quotes about America? Wouldn't you want to know what an individual has to say about American, when the have the possiblitity of leading it? That makes me kind of mad that you removed it. Instead of removing it, why don't you help me? Why don't you help me find quotes from all the other possible presidentail candidates, and see what they have to say about these subjects?

Why just remove all of my additions? Why not wait a little bit, and try and discuss it? That is what the discussion page is for?

If you're looking for quotes about America, you might want to try the United States page; I had considered making "America" into a redirect to this, but America is more than just the US, despite common usage.
There are lots of subjects that Wikiquote presently does not have pages for; for example, there's no page for Organization, no page for sewing, no page for bowling. The list could go on and on forever.
When adding quotes to Wikiquote, you need to look at what the subject of the quote is. For example, the statement "I believe that housing should be a fundamental right" is a quote about housing; something like "This bill will provide housing to more low-income families" is not. It's also not a quote about families; it's a quote about that specific bill, and it doesn't belong in a page about housing. Most of the quotes you added would make mention of a certain subject, but were not about it; instead, they were statements about specific actions that may or may not have involved a particular subject. For example, a large number of the quotes you added to the Business page regarding the giving of an award (that I believe is for being entrepreneurial and all that); the quotes were not about business, they were about an very specific business-related award.
Furthermore, nearly all of the quotes you added were very Massachusetts-centric, and many of them seem to have been Romney pointing to, as nearly all politicians do, the benefits of their actions. Wikiquote has a global audience, and the quotes that we present should be as universally relevant as possible. One of the quotes you used on the "budget" page was, in part, this: "I will present a balanced budget. And in case anybody has any other ideas, let me be clear about one more thing: I will not raise taxes." That is not a quote about budgets, it's a pledge from a governor, and not a very unique one at that. Most of the quotes that you added had a similar feel; they were so specific to the state of Massachusetts or to a particular issue in the state that they're completely meaningless to the majority of people who read Wikiquote.
Your point about Romey being a potential presidential candidate does not mean that any and all quotes from him should be added; look at the pages for Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, both of whom served as governors before being elected President. On Clinton's page, there are only three quotes from before his presidency; for Bush, there are a dozen, most of which are from 2000, during the actual campaign. There also aren't dozens of small pages on Wikiquote whose only contents are state-specific quotes by either of these two men.
When I deleted some of the pages you had created, it was not because I felt that Wikiquote should never have pages on the subject. On the contrary, I was surprised to find out that several of those pages did not exist prior to your creating them. I deleted the pages because their content had nothing to do with the subject of the page, as I explained above). The alternative was to simply edit the page to remove the quotes, leaving a blank, but created, page; functionally, these two situations are no different, but as a matter of policy we are able to speedy-delete blank pages, so it's preferred to have no page than a blank one in a case like this. —LrdChaos (talk) 20:50, 14 October 2006 (UTC)

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