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I am an electrical engineer living in the Chicago are. I am originally from Nampa Idaho. I also lived in Tennessee for two years.


The Laub family drove to Illinois in a U-haul on January 28th, 2004—the coldest day in Illinois in 10 years. I left Idaho to work for great architecture and engineering] consulting firm.


I don't know why I am putting these stories here.


I am trying to paint a picture of me being a sophisticated-Idahoan. Me telling stories that involve the use of the barter system may not be a dandy way for me to implement the sophisticated-Idahoan campaign. Oh well. My Dad taught drivers-ed during the summer time. Some guy gave us a baby cow instead of paying us with regular money. So we called the calf "Dred" for Drivers Ed. Dred was a childhood pet of mine. For a cow, he made a very good pet. I remember having a leash and walking him around the pasture. When we installed an electric fence we put some food on it to draw the cow to it. We did not realize how long it would take for the electric elements to warm up. By the time the fence turned the cow had wrapped his tough completely around the food and was trying to swallow it. It did not take long for Dred to realize the basic operations of the electric fence. Dred jumped with such surprise that he nearly knocked over the fence. Needless to say Dred was never the same after that, and never seemed to trust those who witnessed what has come to be known as the "shockening".

I'm from Idaho-I don't really know what to do in these situationsEdit

Idaho does not have very many transients. I've seen them when I was visiting Seattle, San Francisco, or New York when I visited in Jr. High. So I did not have very much experience with them. When with some friends in Down Town Chicago one night a bum handed me a postcard. I guess that happens all the time, but I wanted a postcard of Chicago and so I just took it and kept walking. He said something also to me, but I couldn't figure out what he wanted until the people that I was with explained that he wanted a donation. I didn't want him to think I was trying to steal it. I wanted him to know that I was just confused. I just said the first thing that came to my mind, which, I guess must have sounded kind of funny: "I'm from Idaho... I don't really know what to do in these situations."


One time I went to the grocery store to, for some greasy chicken, right after a soccer game. So I was wearing my cleats when I noticed sparks coming from my shoes. I guess the cleats caused sparks just from rubbing against the rocks. I, being an engineer, was fascinated. I wondered how many sparks would come if I dragged my feet as I drove. I don't know if the police were just trying to be funny, but when I arrived at the apartment complex, four squad cars followed me in, with their lights and sirens blaring (it was a very small town, and I don't think the cops had much to do). Well the two story apartment complex cleared out with every one coming out on their balconies. I don't know exactly what I did wrong, but the police mentioned things like reckless driving, driving under the influence, and a whole lot of other stuff. Luckily I did not get a ticket, but my reputation suffered greatly in that apartment complex.


Myclob AKA:

  1. Duke of down lights,
  2. Sultan of switchgear,
  3. Earl of Electricity,
  4. Prances with panels (Indian name),
  5. Champ of Amps,
  6. Viceroy of Voltage,
  7. Swami of Switchegear,
  8. Cartel of Cable,
  9. Sir Circuit,
  10. Sheriff of Surge,
  11. Pope of Power.


School: I graduated in 2002 from Boise State University in Electrical Engineering. And in 1998 from BYU-Idaho with an Associates Degree in Mechanical Engineering. BSU and BYU-Idaho were both ABET accredited in the degrees that I received from them. This is often important to consulting engineering A&E (Architecture and Engineering) firms.


I can be reached at: * mike dott laub at gmail * myclob at hotmail or yahoo.

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