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Total Drama Action

Total Drama Action is an animated series that's the second season of the Total Drama Island series. The series takes place on a movie lot with movie genre based challenges. The series premiered on Teletoon January 11, 2009 and on Cartoon Network June 11, 2009.

Monster Cash!Edit

Owen: Izzy, duck! Duck!
Izzy: Goose! Weee! Do it again.

Duncan: How did you manage to escape?
Izzy: The monster and I had a romantic date. He doesn't take "no" for an answer. Pretty crazy, I can't even tell you guys.

Owen: (Confession Booth) My mom says I eat when I'm upset...and happy and tired...not to mention bored, gassy, morose, joyous, comatose, semi-conscious, avuncular..(An AWESOME moustache appears on his face and he laughs)..avuncular.
Duncan: Uh.. I don't think this is the kind of action Chris had in mind.
Owen: Nope. Call 911.

Alien Resurr-eggtionEdit

Izzy: If I can handle hand to paw combat with a polar bear, I can handle a bald emotionally withdrawn cook in a Halloween costume.
Chef Hatchet: Who are you calling a cook!?
Chef Hatchet: I thought you were dead.
Izzy: Yeah. I get that a lot.

Beach Blanket BogusEdit

Lindsay: Yay! Go Justin!
Beth: Yeah, go!
Lindsay: Copycat!
Beth: Tanorexic! (gasps) Sorry. Friendship bracelet?

The Chefshank RedemptionEdit

(Owen's attempting to reach the trailer's air duct)
Harold: Owen you'll never fit.
Owen: I can try my best.
Harold: It's not about trying, it's just a scientific fact.

The Sand Witch ProjectEdit

Duncan: Once, I gave a dozen five-year-olds seizures.
Duncan: And papa Duncan wants to win and go to bed! so....

Full Metal DramaEdit

Justin: Me, not cute? Oh, I'll tell you who's not cute. Blind crazy people named Izzy!
Duncan: I've always wanted to be a Marine, they're rough, tough, they wear rad boots, and they say HOO-AH! No clue what that means but it sounds so cool. HOO-AH!
Explosivo: 3... 2... 1... BOOM-BOOM! (Explosivo presses the plunger, and nothing occurs.)
Chris: Well, folks, it looks like we're experiencing technical diff- (A HUGE explosion occurs.)

TDA Aftermath: For-Gwen and ForgetEdit

Gordon: Ahoy, mates.
Geoff: Ello, ol' chap.
Gordon: I'm from London, Ontario, and I wanna be a chef! I'm making DJ sandwiches! But there's some stupid (censored) ingredient I can't (censored) figure out! (censored)!

Ocean's Eight - Or NineEdit

Duncan: (Confession Booth) The H-bombs, Harold and Heather, were so busy finding out who's the biggest dweeb that they totally forgot I'm an experienced criminal! Frankly, that's a little insulting.

One Million Bucks B.C.Edit

Heather:: (in confessional make-up room) I got some! Courtney's hair, soon it will be mine, all mine! (starts laughing like a maniac) What? I'm not crazy, I'm just bald!
Courtney:(in confessional make-up room) Sure, Duncan has this primal animal magnetism, but he also wants to make me hit him where it hurts. (yelling) (hits Duncan with bone in the crotch)
Duncan:: (in confessional make-up room) EEEE! Why do they always go for the kiwi's? WHY?!!!!
Duncan:: (Groans loudly) (falls into tar pit)

Million Dollar BabiesEdit

Harold: Ooh! Ooh! I got it! Let's cheer for Norbert Swindlow!
Heather: Who?
Harold: The inventor of the pom-pom? Duh.
Heather: I say we cheer for me.
Leshawna: You?
Duncan: I'd rather cheer for my school principal, my mother, Leshawna.

(Duncan finds baby items underneath the ball pit.)

Duncan: What is this under, a daycare center? (he pulls out a little kid.)
Little Kid: Mama?
Justin: We gotta push spiced up chef like he's a football dummy?
Heather: I'm not doing this.
LeShawna: Oh, your doing it! NOW GET IN THERE AND PUSH THAT DUMMY!

Dial M for MergerEdit

Courtney: (in confessional) And that's the only million LeShawna would ever see. My lawyers are working on it right now.

Super Hero-ldEdit

Harold: There is no way I am voting off LeShawna. We're supposed to have an alliance with her. Duncan, we should vote you off for treason.
Duncan: Pals before gals, Harold? We're outnumbered, and if you don't do anything I say, I'll tell LeShawna that you pick your nose in your sleep.
Harold: You do have curcumstantial evidence at best.
Duncan: Harold is about to experience a painful life lesson.

[Duncan punches Harold]

Harold: Ow!
Chris: Even I saw that one coming. Two points.

The Princess PrideEdit

Justin: Courtney? Beth? Lindsay?
Lindsay: Princess Beth is so cute.
Justin: Is no one even going to miss me?
Duncan: Chao.
Harold: See you in the funny papers. Farewell. Auf Wiedersein. Don't let the door hit you in the...
Justin: Okay, stop! I'm going, but you'll regret it. With me gone, things have started to become 80% less handsome. (bumps head) Ow! Alright, 79!
Courtney: (Blowing kisses to male competitors before they go on challenge) Sir Harold, mwah! Sir Justin, mwah! Duncan, mwah.

Get a ClueEdit

Courtney: What's my prize!?
Chris: [British Accent] I don't recall having mentioned any sort of prize... [Normal Voice] but thanks for releasing me it was getting stuffy in here.
Courtney: Your not smoking!?
Chris: What! Oh no! Of course not! (swallows his pipe)
Courtney: Ew.
Chris: What? It's chewing tobacco!
Harold, Lindsay, and Beth: Ew!
Chris: Nah! Just kidding, it's black licorice.
Courtney, Duncan, Harold, Lindsay, and Beth: Ew!!
Chris: Yeah you're right; this stuff's disgusting.
Courtney: I am going to get a prize I promise you that.

Rock 'N RuleEdit

Owen: (he sees Lindsay jumping on the bed in the final challenge.) Oooh, that looks like fun! (Owen then cannonballs onto the bed, nearly crushing Lindsay in the process.)
Lindsay: (She is in the confessional, after Owen lands on her trying to jump on the bed. She is fine, but disheveled.) THAT WAS SO TERRIFYING! I saw my life flash before my eyes! It looked a lot like Owen's butt.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden OwenEdit

Owen: (after challenge, trying soup made of 7 deadliest fish being served.) Ooh, tastes like... poisonous... (his throat swells up.) BLOWFISH. (faints)

2008: A Space OwenEdit

Duncan: This will teach you to mess with my Scruffy.
Harold: Bye bye, traitor.
Owen: Harold's on to me, I know it.
Beth: The girl alliance is over!
Courtney: Back off! Can't you see this is called secret voting?
Harold: I, too, love a catfight, but only between actual cats wearing tiny boxing gloves.

Top DogEdit

Duncan: Chill, Owen, I spent the night in Courtney's trailer.
Owen: Dude, Courtney gave you...HOMEWORK.

Owen: Uh, Chris? I think you forgot to give me my Gilded Chris Award.
Chris: Sorry Owen, you've been fired.
Owen: What? Whhhyyy?
Chris: What's the point of having a spy when you've already been spied?

Mutiny on the SoundstageEdit

Chef Hatchet: What color is Courtney thinking of right now?
Duncan: Right now! Are you serious? Ohhhh. I don't know, blue?
Courtney: (in separate room outside set) Burnt sienna! Ugh, he doesn't even know everything about me.

TDA Aftermath: Who Wants to Pick a Millionaire?Edit

Courtney: Yes, we're rich!
Duncan: Whoh wait a minute sister. Who said I would share anything with you?
Courtney: (kisses Duncan) Every King needs a queen!
Duncan: King, huh? That doesn't sound so bad.

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